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    Disappointed in English?

    i got 79 for my exam mark, 81 for assessment, 80 overall. I was surprised by my assessment mark, when i averaged it myself it came out as 93, but oh well..
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    I think I did ok in it. I really liked the skeletal muscles question at the end. Didn't like the risk assessment bit much, wasnt expecting that, but it was alright. That was what i liked best about biochem, no calculations! I dont think many did it this year, was just me in my class
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    Hey, did anyone do Biochemistry of Movement for their option? if so, what did you think of the question?
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    Module B: Critical Study of Texts

    Yeah I did Yeats. I thought the question was pretty good, but im not sure if i did enough on context. I used Wild Swans at Coole and Sailing to Byzantium and wrote about Yeats' concerns with ageing, contrasting the swans and the persona, stuff like what. Also a brief reference to Byzantium...
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    anyone doing biochem this year?

    gee, sounds like fun. i had some stupid questions in mine, one on the use of multiple naming systems, eg. lactic acid, and one where i had to draw a mitochondrion and label three important features. i had no idea, i dont even remember learning that!
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    anyone doing biochem this year?

    I'm doing biochemistry too. I'm the only one in my class doing it though, everyone else is doing shipwrecks. What were everyone's trial questions like for biochem??