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    Comparison of Multiple-Choice Answers

    Sorry, but C is completely wrong - read it properly arrhenius said nothing about that - even chemistry teacher said so - and D is taught in Conquering Chemistry - claerly that is the answer
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    Yeah, thought the biochem section was good - well i had studied it the most - there was no calculations!!!
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    Heffernan Trial

    Did anyon else do the trial by the Heffernan Group (I think thats what its called) - i thought it was a really really hard trial - especially because of its length - Id like to compare marks i got 65% (pretty terrible - but wasnt really ready) - what did any others get?
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    Is there anyone who didn't sit the catholic / independnant trial and say sat the mansw or other major trials?? - I think I sat the mansw id like to compare how i went.
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    LOL Jenni
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    Maths in Focus - Margaret Grove

    Hey, who here uses the Maths in Focus book by Margaret Grove?
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    Maths In Focus - Grove

    Hi All, Does anyone here use the Maths In Focus Textbook by Margaret Graves for their HSC at school - if so what school and how many in both 2 unit and 3 unit classes - compiling a survey - responces would be great. Thanks, Tommy
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    Is "Edassist" any good???

    The maths was pathetic, the chemistry was pathertic, the physics was almost pathetic - english was EXCELLENT!!!
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    The Revenger's Tragedy

    Doing The Renenger's Tragedy as one of texts - does anyone have any notes on it??? Thanks
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    Metal displacement reactions

    yes the valency does change - however the one ont he data sheet is the one you'll need to know for the exam
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    Metal displacement reactions

    You recieve a standard reduction potencials sheet at the beginnign of you hsc exams telling you which valency they're expecting you to know - you dont even need to remember them - so go to the boards website and have a look at the data sheet at the front of a past hsc- if you havent printed iut...
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    Miss_gtr I wouldn't say this person has picked something oridinal by doing The Odyssesy for literarry half my class did that bloody text - sick of it!! But yeah does relate well.
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    What subjects are you doing?

    Mathematics Extention 1 Mathematics Extention 2 English Advanced English Extention 1 Physics Chemistry Classical Greek Continuors + compulsory religion
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    Finding Nemo techniques

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAh thought id pass on you great advice - hey its an appropriation
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    Finding Nemo techniques

    Honestly i do not think you should do "finding Nemo" as your supplementar Text for jounrneys - not if you plan to do well. Its better to do something challenging. In my class, no one did those cartoons e.g finding nemo and shrek. The whole purpose of doing english and goindwell is to challenge...
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    Physical Journeys

    What do you guys think of doing frankenstein any physical journeys. - physical journey of making monster - physiclal journey of revenge through the alps - captain wltons phsycial journey to the north pole.... ??? Any other ideas
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    Physical Journeys

    fine fine i thnk ill dump shrek and do frankenstein
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    PLEASE HELP!!! journeys and change

    thanks - yeh kinda thinking that
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    Physical Journeys

    What if i took a metaphorical stance on Shrek That because the movie shrek is directly self referential we are forced to think about ourselves as viewers. We too are the travellers that experience change along shreks journey - we journey with him. It appearson the surfce that that their...
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    Physical Journeys

    yeah i don't know i don't think it really matters on the text but what i could write. There are lots of parallels though... and links such as shrek crossed a red sea of lava to save fiona and one ofskrxyneckis poems is crossing the red sea (very simple link) WELL ARHHHH Now you are...