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    Or they are going to do Exercise Science, like me. UC is arguably the best in the country for Sport Science, hence why I declined an early entry to ACU in Strathfield in Sydney to go to UC. If you live on Res you'll meet plenty of people. As long as you get out and about and make an effort. Make...
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    Titration HSC question help!?

    Hi does anyone know where there are some HSC questions on titrations are and then where I can find the answers/solutions? I really suck at this and need some practise before the exam. Thanks :)
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    Heat of combustion HSC question Help!

    Thank you! You are right I was calculating the molar mass incorrectly. I could've sworn i entered it into my calculator properly but I'm glad I wasn't going mad and thinking that wasn't the formula. Thank you!
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    Heat of combustion HSC question Help!

    I'm doing some revision and am trying to work the 2005 HSC multiple choice question "The heat of combustion of butan-1-ol is 2676kJ mol-1. What is the value of the heat of combustion in kJ g-1? Having a bit of trouble. Thanks! :)
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    Official: 2013 Modern History HSC Exam predictions thread

    For Russia: A question on the NEP and Consolidation of power, or Purpose and impact of stalin's five year plans (hasn't been asked since 2008) For Indochina: Either impact on the war on civilians was responsible for communist victory (hasn't been asked since 2008) or strategies and tactics (last...
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    PDHPE Multiple Choice Questions Here is the multiple choice questions from today :)
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    Multiple Choice

    Sorry for the dodgy parts. But here is the multiple choice :)
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    General Thoughts: English Paper 1 (AOS)

    Could the character reject, then embrace? I think I was super stressed and didnt read that properly :/ man im going to fail!
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    Early Entry and Accommodation at UC?

    Thank you so much! Went to the open day last Saturday you are completely right about the accommodation. I think I would permanently smell like Asian food in International House (of course no offense meant, but I think I saw 4 rice cookers in the one kitchen) and that isn't really my thing. I...
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    Exercise Science at UOW

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me what the Ba. Science (Exercise Science) course is like, whether people like the course, how up to date is the course, the partnerships with other organisations available, and what the facilities are like. I'm tossing up between ACU, UC, UOW and USyd atm...
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    Early Entry and Accommodation at UC?

    Just starting to have a look around at possibly unis to go to, and just wanted to find out about early entry and about accommodation on campus which is the best one to live in in regards to social activities, how good the actual bedrooms are in the apartments etc. I'm weighing up between a few...
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    Modern History topic advice needed! (history and the future)

    That sucks! When I did this assessment we got to do any topic. Organised crime is a big thing to cover though. Do you have to prepare a speech within the presentation?
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    Stress and Trials

    I've done half of mine and starting the second half tomorrow :/ Yeah I'm kinda stressed but having the break inbetween I found was detrimental. I lost all motivation to study and im pretty screwed for tomorrow
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    Russia Essay Question's, Thesis' and Plans

    Ok so i have a test on monday and just doing a few essay plans. The Question is How significant was military victory in the Civil War for the Bolshevik consolidation of power in the period up to 1924? Thesis: The October revolution of 1917 up until 1924, was an vital period for Bolshevik...
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    How to Analyse Sources

    No we have to find our own sources haha it was of two women police officers "warning" two boys on the street. With the caption saying it is a very staged photo.
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    Belonging Thesis

    Because I'm a perfectionist and my english teacher refuses to give advice an asssessment related questions or material, can someone give me feedback on this Thesis? Any constructive criticism would be great! “People experience a sense of belonging in varied and complex ways” The desire to...
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    How to Analyse Sources

    Ok so I have to do a Source analysis , explaining the usefulness of each source to an historian studying the impact of the war on women's lives and experiences in Britain, making reference to the perspective and reliability of each. If for one particular source, it has no date, no author and no...
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    Lance Armstrong's confession to doping... What do you think?

    Sounds like you know all about it mate ;) But is it worth the entertainment value as a result of doping, or would you rather see someone who hasn't doped to achieve something near Armstrong's false achievements, knowing that they are clean, whatever the sport e.g. any sport in the olympics? Im...
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    Lance Armstrong's confession to doping... What do you think?

    Has your perception of him changed? Does his contribution to tackling Cancer with his foundation outweigh what he has done wrong? Give me your 2 cents!
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    Related Belonging Texts Into the Wild?

    Yeah I get what you mean about it being an "indie" film but I am the only one in my year that I know of that is doing it. Many others are doing Perks of being a wallflower, mainly cause its a new movie. Others are doing Shaun Tan. I don't think its popular enough to annoy the markers about how...