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  1. Cujo10

    Is a crappy ATAR gonna screw me?

    It will be ok, I'm a second year EE, and I have noticed that there are more tradies in my classes trying to get an engineering education than high school-leavers. This might be for a career progression or want to understand the technical aspect of the built environment. So if tradies can do uni...
  2. Cujo10

    Do I need ext 2 maths for electrical engineering?

    Nope, I did general maths for HSC. Did a bridging course at first year at uni, now second year EE
  3. Cujo10


    The hospital rule, oops I mean "L'hospital rule". :cool:
  4. Cujo10

    Integration Question

    I never know that HSC Advanced Maths has separable ordinary differential equations? lol
  5. Cujo10

    Chances of getting into my dream course?

    If you come from a well off family then you got no chance, but if you are from a family living near or under the poverty line, then yes the uni will give you bones points.
  6. Cujo10

    4.5 over 7 GPA??

    A GPA can be converted into a selection rank. A selection rank is similar to ATAR but it has other factors applied to it. So a 4.5 GPA is equivalent to a 95 selection rank of 1 year of study of uni.
  7. Cujo10


    How do you watch new episodes of The Walking dead in Australia without Foxtel?
  8. Cujo10

    How accurate is the university rankings? which one is the most objective one?

    I always found it weird on how Americans focus on college/uni prestige, and what school they go to other than thinking about what degree to choose.
  9. Cujo10

    Engineers Australia

    I'm in my first year so would you recommend to join now or wait later?
  10. Cujo10

    Engineers Australia

    Can an engineering student join Engineers Australia? If so, how do you sign up?
  11. Cujo10

    Linear Algebra

    Dose anyone have a formula sheet for linear algebra, since my uni course does not have one and I'm too lazy to compile a single sheet of formulas? It needs to cover: vectors complex numbers matrices probability
  12. Cujo10

    Complex number - roots

    I do not get how to solve this question from 2-4. Any help?
  13. Cujo10

    No HELP: Uni students who fail half their subjects to lose taxpayer support

    What are your thoughts on this?
  14. Cujo10

    Have I messed up my chance for success already?

    Just a quick question, how many times can you fail a subject before your kicked out of uni?
  15. Cujo10

    ATAR - Would u Rather

    IMO your ATAR is somewhat based on your social-economic statues and your parents education.
  16. Cujo10

    Casio calculator emulator

    How do you get a copy of the Casio calculator emulator for pc?
  17. Cujo10


    Is it possible to convert your GPA to ATAR?
  18. Cujo10


    Is GPA important?
  19. Cujo10

    Definite Integral

    I think this defines the definite integral, but I'm sill confused about would it still be right if you taken the limit as "n" approaches infinity?
  20. Cujo10

    Calculator Thoughts

    Would you recommend this calculator: (Casio fx-570ES Plus) for an engineering student?