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  1. jjsnax

    BOS USYD Roll Call 2009

    Commerce (Liberal Studies) 2009. HOLA.
  2. jjsnax

    What is so good about being a virgin?

    that wud probably be easier to rebut if it made sense. but here goes. who sed anything about people 'regretting' losing their virginity? the bulk of people dont. u catholic? (italian flag, pro conservative values?) peace for blaming religion if u r. not my intention to offend. the debate...
  3. jjsnax

    The First Kiss

    HAHA WTF. what the hell happened. ' insides want to go crzy..' 'i deny knowing her..' 'thinking about her pisses me off' what did she like stab you in the eyeball afterwards or sumthing. CHILAX. BREATHE.
  4. jjsnax

    The First Kiss

    Re: First kiss kindof. depends on how lovey dovey u imagined it to be in the first place. if u has this ridiculously out-there image of it happening as you're running thru fields of barley with a younger version of Orlando Bloom, under perfect blue skies, birds chirping, set to the...
  5. jjsnax

    What do you look for in the opposite sex?

    a strong sexy firm broad chest. i liiikkkkee. and facial hair. not like dumbledore style. but Colin Farrell style when he lets it grow a bit. yum.
  6. jjsnax

    Interracial relationships

    Re: Interracial relationships~wot do u think? your inclination to regard your own race as 'unattractive' by comparison to 'Aussie Guys" essentially comes down to this deep rooted problem you have about being from another culture yourself. you know im right. seek help...
  7. jjsnax

    How Does a Guy Forget a Girl?

    replace one obsession with another. wrks every time.
  8. jjsnax

    How Does a Guy Forget a Girl?

    replace one obsession with anothers. works every time.
  9. jjsnax

    What makes a guy/girl UNattractive?

    haha lol "A smile with a bad tooth:gum ratio" So true.
  10. jjsnax

    need cool pick up lines

    just go up to the chick. Randomly. Look her up down. and just be like: WOW. ...... and then walk away. haha luv it.
  11. jjsnax

    What is so good about being a virgin?

    actually. Yes. maybe not 'pre-historic' as such - but the concept of virginity still retaining a degree of subjective value in our society roots indirectly from the influence of catholic church, and other religious institutions that enforce these fucked up 'conservative' values. once...
  12. jjsnax

    The Ladder Theory

    my bullshit alarm just hit the ceiling. thats funny that youre sister think you're doing the HSC bcos it says you're in class of 04, and the comment was made it 08. if youre going to make shit up, atleast TRY and make less transparent.
  13. jjsnax

    What don't u like about the opposite sex !

    lol u were horrified at your school formal. nice. it was funny when chicks who NEVER wore makeup turned up looking like theyd just dipped their entire face in a tub of paint. and came pretty close to being unrecognisable. "who the fuk is that" "sarah? your best friend?" "oh......"
  14. jjsnax

    Interracial relationships

    whoa. talk about pulling random bullshit facts out of your ass. 1) most Aussie guys are NOT surfies. appreciation of the beach is an Australian way of life. dosent mean they all know how to surf/ dedicate their lives to the waves. 2) if this was the case, u shud be celebrating, not...
  15. jjsnax

    Amount of free periods?

    20 a fortnight. YEH BABY.
  16. jjsnax

    Should English Be Compulsary Poll

    nah i dont think its a necessity. sure - its an important subjects. basic literacy skills are a must-have, just in life in general. but on the same level, the students who remain in school should have the liberty of choosing the all subjects they take on for the next two years. what happens...
  17. jjsnax

    2008 HSC Timetable

    same problem. y the bloody fuck have they put Modern and Eco together???????? 2 of the most popular HSIE subjects - bang bang one after the other. Thats like 7 fuking hours in an exam hall in one day. as if thats not going to disadvantageous. groan.
  18. jjsnax

    The Bible

    when they created the new testament they decided to chop off certain gosbels y? its kinda like editing. having the publisher cut away all the shit bits that dont make sense xtianity is a theory, its a story and it has to keep changing and adapting to its demographic.
  19. jjsnax

    science vs religion

    wtf wats with dissing ppl about spelling online i see WAY too much of it and its pathetic and annoying. its called abbrevations moron if i say 'wat' instead of 'what' it actually dosent mean i dont know how to spell it the sooner u get this into ur head the easier it will be for u to...
  20. jjsnax

    is smoking weed bad?

    where the fuk were you in health we went thru this for terms in junior school i mean, it didnt stop any1 from using it but hey, no1 was stupid enuf to come out afterwards and be all 'omg weed is NOT a vegetable???".."its BAD for u..r u SRS?" its bad for you, as is alcohol, smokes but its not...