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  1. dollparts

    90+ ppl: When did u start studying?

    i did all my homework and most optional work, and crammed before every assessment... which i guess means i crammed the whole year. i really should have done better...
  2. dollparts

    Top 10%

    above 90% in 10 units or more and you go on the honour roll whatever that is
  3. dollparts

    Top 200 Schools 2004

    if HGHS isn't the best school in the world i don't know what is!
  4. dollparts

    1st in state

    don't know if this has been posted already, but lauren miller came first in society and culture and maggie li came first in textiles. both from hornsby! HOORAH!!!
  5. dollparts

    HSC 2004: which school will top?

    how does hornsby usually go? i'm pretty sure we do quite well, but does anyone have any statistics from years gone by?
  6. dollparts

    The 2004 HSC - General Mathematics Paper

    yeah i wouldn't have minded it being a bit harder, otherwise there's no distinction between people who are really good at the subject and those that did well because the exam was easy. i think i did pretty well, but i usually make a lot of stupid errors. ah well, here's hoping. i finished with...
  7. dollparts

    extension german

    thoughts? i didn't like it very much, i thought the questions were pretty random and obscure. it wasn't awful, but yeah. anyone else? but it's my last one so woot!!!
  8. dollparts

    German Continuers

    i didn't like that exam. luckily i answered that crappy listening one in german, although one of my friends did it in english. and have they ever asked you to compare the comprehensions to each other? what was with that! i suppose it was an ok exam, but i didn't like it. guess we'll just hafta...
  9. dollparts

    How do you think you went?

    don't worry, you probably will! i think he has a little too much faith in me
  10. dollparts

    How do you think you went?

    my english teacher told me if i get below 90 in english he'll hang himself from the fountain in westfield on christmas day. i'm hoping that's his way of telling me i'll do well, but i'm not entirely sure!
  11. dollparts

    what equipment do we need for tuesdays exam?

    set squares are those triangle thingies... good for drawing perpendicular lines and the like. can't imagine needing one, but if it says to bring it then we all probably should. weird though, i don't remember ever having to use a compass, protractor or set square all year. ah well, off to the...
  12. dollparts

    Module B - Critical Study of Texts

    did ANYONE here do in the skin of a lion? i didn't notice the bit about extracts til halfway through... and what the hell is an extract from a regular novel? i chose the bit where patrick goes to the puppet play in the half-built water works. i was gonna discuss it anyway with regards to a...
  13. dollparts

    Inner journey?

    i don't understand it... daisy was half aboriginal, right? making gladys a quarter aboriginal, right? making sally an eight aboriginal, right? so the whole book is about her search for an 8th of her cultural heritage? or am i wrong? it would just seem silly for her to write a book about...
  14. dollparts

    Related Texts - Ted Hughes

    good work, lynn *pats head* in another thread i said something similar... i think it was an english thread on ITSOAL. could i have BEEN any more obvious! no hiding anymore. we'll hafta think of a new game xx
  15. dollparts

    Related Texts - Ted Hughes

    damn straight, lynn!
  16. dollparts

    best australian band

    jebediah magic dirt POWDERFINGER!!! living end smiling politely (if only because it's my band) switchkicker
  17. dollparts

    Tired of being single. - Need Serious Help

    oh how i laughed when i read this thread! another thing... is bored of studies really the best place to go crying because you're desperate and dateless?
  18. dollparts

    Related Texts - Ted Hughes

    i agree that plath's poems are good for related texts, but of course they're also gonna be the most popular texts in the state. if you can do them well, go for it. but if not, the markers will be comparing you to a bunch of people who used them really well. i find (not trying to sound conceited)...
  19. dollparts

    Extension German Speaking!

    i think just about everyone must have done 1 & 3. well i did.