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  1. mervvyn

    Medical rural bonded scholarships (the dreaded MRBS)

    No - the unis you have applied to will ask you at some point, around or after your interview, to fill in preferences for the place types you are interested in. Petar's described how the allocation works, but the choosing of preferences happens well before offers are handed out. Offers are then...
  2. mervvyn

    Wanna take part in a Medical Experiment?

    heheh, is this noog's ILP? thought about doing it but was too busy with medshow...
  3. mervvyn

    Differences Between Uni Courses?

    yeah, that's right - the 8 month research project is compulsory but is only part of the basic MBBS course. if you want to, you can replace it with a full BMedSci (hons) year to get the extra qualification, but it takes an extra semester and is about twice much work as the basic project. Good for...
  4. mervvyn

    Law Revue: Hostile Powers

    excellent, our mind control efforts are working.... Med revue only has a handful of med students though, probably too busy studying. Medshow is cool though - sold out :D
  5. mervvyn

    Craptastic predicted UAI

    yeah true, but the first post and many of the other posts have been referring to unsw with vary degrees of misinformation so i was trying to clear things up. 5 people from one year of a school is actually quite a lot in unsw med... not quite, minimum time after school for graduate med is 7-8...
  6. mervvyn

    Craptastic predicted UAI

    Not quite true - some unis, including UNSW, do combine UMAT and predicted UAI when giving out first round interviews, which are held in the September holidays. For second round interviews, they use UMAT and real UAI. However, for a given UMAT mark, the necessary UAI to get an interview in either...
  7. mervvyn

    Craptastic predicted UAI

    There's a small point of confusion here - UNcle's minimum UAI is 93 (93.8 I think for some reason), as long as you're there or higher, they don't care what you get. For conventional UNSW entry, you need 95 to be considered and then your UAI (real, not the one your school predicts) is combined...
  8. mervvyn

    playing sport at unsw

    Yeah, that happened to me as well (sort of, i didn't register as early as you) - i'm not sure how much of it is management and how much is the demand for places at the club has outstripped the number of teams the eastern suburbs comp is willing to allow them, so the teams they did get filled up...
  9. mervvyn

    AMSA CONVENTION 2006: the cooler thread

    screwed eh? no, i agree. no goon. problem is that i'm not such a fan of beer either. $10 for 5L? =o also, does anyone know when we find out what accomodation we got?
  10. mervvyn

    general UNSW chit-chat

    if anyone does/has read the massive planning document, can you tell us what it says about buying property around upper campus esp botany st - given that the med faculty already owns a few places just off campus, i'm guessing they'd be the reason and recipient of more buying around there....
  11. mervvyn

    Fire! Fire!

    haha i remember that... he only gave up when the announcement to evacuate finally came on, and there were 2 tones of sirens getting louder and louder but he kept going til then... trying to figure out if i know you sique cos it sounds like you're in my collegia (my last SG was cut short too) as...
  12. mervvyn

    AMSA Convention 2006

    lol... uh, guys, that's a little concerning...
  13. mervvyn

    UWS Medicine 2007

    I don't disagree that more doctors will ultimately be a good thing for nsw but i don't think they'll necessarily go far in helping the system improve much - as was mentioned in the paper this week, "elective" (often not that elective really, but still) waiting times could be reduced more by...
  14. mervvyn

    AMSA Convention 2006

    I am definitely going... should be great :D
  15. mervvyn

    AMSA Convention 2006

    yeah, that's why i said probably. i registered all enthusiastic like, and then i had to stop to consider how i would pay for it. i think it'd be worth it though... decisions, decisions...
  16. mervvyn

    AMSA Convention 2006

    Rego opened today I think... anyone here going? I probably will :)
  17. mervvyn

    UNSW Radio

    lol, those are our embrology lectures from last year. not most people's listening choice... i don't think unsw has a radio station, i've never heard of one. o-week radio was a playlist interspersed with pre-recorded chat, played through ipods, and not actually broadcast as such.
  18. mervvyn

    combined med/arts @ UNCLE?

    a couple of my friends are doing it or at least making a start of it, and the common rationale i think is that a year in the grand scheme of things is not so much when it can be used to really broaden your horizons and do something different in a really different area of interest, because once...
  19. mervvyn

    UNSW med timetable

    CCS is Clinical and Communiations Skillls i think Ignore the PDF tables as they have everyone's timetables. They are useful for figuring out what classes everyone else has (if you know their scenario group) but its usually easier to use the activities lists for the week or month. AE is for...
  20. mervvyn

    What UAI do I need to get into Medicine?

    Yeah, that does assume that there is complete overlap between unsw and uwa interviewees though. And of course, getting to the interview round is a challenge in itself.