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    Which is the best tutoring service??

    Thats true, the best deal I can probably see so far is tutesmart, 33 dollars for access to a forum with tutors of all subjects plus one group class a week, I think i'd prefer 1 on 1 tho.
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    Which is the best tutoring service??

    The subjects i'm doing this year are biology, maths standard 2, modern history and extension history :) I should have added that to the post. Could you maybe expand on what fast paced means? do you mean they kinda try to get through the whole syllabus instead of major focus on say exam prep...
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    Which is the best tutoring service??

    The group thing makes a lot of sense, I can still be afraid to ask questions in groups or id feel bad if they understand something and I don't yet haha.
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    Which is the best tutoring service??

    There are way too many, all I know is I live in a regional area so ones that are online are preferable, need a lot of subjects, need it to be reasonably cheap and I need a very patient tutor willing to deal with my mental illnesses lmao. tutesmart? edxlearning? matrix? art of smart? talent...
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    How much do we need to know on the "analyse the features of fertilisation, implantation and hormonal control of pregnancy and birth in mammals"section

    Hiii, this section is very wide and I cannot find any example questions in relation to this, how much do we actually need to know for this section?? I missed one day of class and they covered all this and now I have to learn it on my own lol
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    Anyone who has completed Biology - Could you double check a small section of my notes?

    I'm going over my notes to make sure I fully understand everything before the new year but I have a few questions, if anyone is available to look over a small section of my notes on heredity it would be very much appreciated. :)
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    Still trying to decide a topic.. pls help

    Hi everyoneeee, guess who is indecisive. If anyone who has done history extension in the past or present pls message me! I wanna discuss my topic ideas :)
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    Need help ASAP :( - Networks

    Hiiii, I have an exam on networks/critical path coming up, I can't afford a tutor and I have so many practice questions I need someone to mark or explain but we aren't allowed to ask our teachers for this assignment. If anyone is willing to help pls lemme know.
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    Best Biology textbook/Notes?? (Bio in focus, Surfing bio, Pearson bio, Blitzing bio, Atar notes, KISS, Easy hsc, Heineman??)

    Any recommendations on which is the best biology textbook to use? or notes to derive from? our teachers have given us way too many options and now im confused haha.
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    What was Maths standard 2 called before 2019?? Did they change the name?

    Thank you! That makes sense :)
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    What was Maths standard 2 called before 2019?? Did they change the name?

    Hi so I am very dumb, I'm trying to find past papers for maths standard 2 but looking at NESA they have "Mathematics" and "Mathematics General" and then ofc advanced etc. But which one is the standard 2 course??
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    Summary notes

    I planned to write for some subjects for year 12 because I can struggle with handwriting for long periods of time but I've ended up typing and I think for someone indecisive like me its best to just type and then change, add things and you can search keywords to get help from your past self :).
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    I feel like I can't remember anything

    Yes yes I did mean anki. Do you know how to find HSC questions by topic? like is there some magic book that does that?
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    I feel like I can't remember anything

    Hahah so trueee, trying not to get too ahead or far behind
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    I feel like I can't remember anything

    tysm :) I hope your HSC is going well!
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    Past HSC/Trial Questions by Syllabus Dot Points?

    The site looks awesome! it keeps telling me I have to log in with facebook though, which I did click on but it doesn't seem to be working, only telling me to share the site. Printing works too but I was hoping to adding questions to anki too
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    I feel like I can't remember anything

    And! Always remember, just for yourself before the exam, you know more than you realise, the brain is a very powerful tool. If you think you're not going to remember the stuff it might be coming from ofc the underlying stress. Stay cool and just hold onto your brain. :)
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    I feel like I can't remember anything

    There's great responses already but another thing I think could be helpful with things like modern history is just writing the main topic headings that are going to be testing and either making a mindmap or just info-dumping everything you can without looking at your notes, you can look at them...
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    I feel like I can't remember anything

    Hi, I feel like I relate to what the person who posted this was saying, however I am just starting year 12, do you have any advice on how I can best use the platform or any general tips? :)