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  1. Amaranth_

    UNSW Chit Chat Thread

    Re: UNSW Chit Chat Thread 2015. Is there a downside of doing 2 gen eds. in a single semester?
  2. Amaranth_

    Your subject regrets

    I second this, I hated biology passionately mainly because of all the memorisation that was required.
  3. Amaranth_

    Cafs or modern history subject selection? Help!!

    I think it all comes down to what you'd enjoy most. I personally did both modern and ancient history and I enjoyed modern a bit more. I found myself to be more keen to study modern than ancient as I generally thought the content was simply more interesting. Judging by your subjects, you seem...
  4. Amaranth_

    Writing someone elses name on an attendance sheet

    It's common, unless the lecturer or tutor calls out the list of names at the end.
  5. Amaranth_

    So what happens after trials?

    After trials, it's always good to take a few days off, relax and probably even catch up on some lost sleep. After my trials had finished, I remember taking 4 days off, catching up on lost sleep, gaming and just catching up on movies and tv shows. I believe after taking a break right after...
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    At one point during the very early stages of the HSC, I had a total of 15 units after picking up both 4U English and history extension - having such an insane amount of units was actually quite benefiting as it allowed me to decide which subjects I enjoyed most and would excel at. Not long...
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    Atb creative writing

    There are a handful available in the resources section.
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    Transfer to a different law school

    5.2/7 GPA on a 7 scale, or a high credit average.
  9. Amaranth_

    Your subject regrets

    Biology. Had no choice, would've preferred Legal Studies.
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    2015ers Chit-Chat Thread

    To everyone that's completely stressing out...don't. Make sure you get an adequate amount of sleep and eat a hearty breakfast full of carbs.
  11. Amaranth_

    Paper 1

    You guys need to stop worrying too much, and just tackle it as it comes :p
  12. Amaranth_

    Help from the Lovely Amaranth...

    Happy providing last minute advice/feedback. :)
  13. Amaranth_

    Hsc in one week!

    I'm happy to look over English AOS and modules, pm me.
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    Help from the Lovely Amaranth...

    Hi guys With English exams kicking off tomorrow, I'm happy to look and skim over modules and AOS essays and creatives. If I get flooded with essays, I'll do my best to try and look over all of them. PM me for my email.
  15. Amaranth_

    Hsc in one week!

    Just speaking from personal experience, with such little time left till the first exam, I highly recommend that people sitting their first exams tomorrow get enough sleep. It won't do you any favors if you're sleep deprived after the first exam.
  16. Amaranth_

    Hsc in one week!

    English isn't as bad as it's made to sound if you're prepared.
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    UNSW meat thread v2.

    I'll be at uni on all days except Monday so ill come by if it's on any day other than today
  18. Amaranth_

    Would you drop English?

    I wouldn't drop it. Not saying this because I enjoyed it but it helps quite a bit when you get uni in other areas.