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  1. mrteeson

    Hi yoongie! I got your message but i cant seem pm you on this site. If you want you can add me...

    Hi yoongie! I got your message but i cant seem pm you on this site. If you want you can add me on FB (Tyson Nguyen, sydney- anime of central bg)
  2. mrteeson

    Journey to dental school (ongoing)

    [Update] What’s happening? So it has been a while since my last post and some people are waiting for my fate of whether I made it to dentistry this year (applicants for 2016). Unfortunately I didn’t make it since my GAMSAT marks were low due to failing section 1 which ruined my chance to...
  3. mrteeson

    Journey to dental school (ongoing)

    Hi alkanes, Im not really an outgoing type like i used to back in Junior highschool. I have volunteer occasionally but i don't think i will manage casual/part-time job since my focus can easily get interrupted. I definitely agree that university life should be balanced, rather then focusing on...
  4. mrteeson

    Journey to dental school (ongoing)

    ahahaha, yes what do you need ManDarren? For now just wait for my future post, i should post one right after doing GAMSAT on March 21st.
  5. mrteeson

    Journey to dental school (ongoing)

    The class thing that happened and along with others who had doubts against me acted more like a driving force or a catalyst. I had interest in dentistry since primary but i was just very quiet and confused about my motive until these events occurred which you could say they play a role in giving...
  6. mrteeson

    Journey to dental school (ongoing)

    Hi there bosesr! I have decided to make this thread about my journey to hopefully become a dentist, what inspired me to do this is from my close friends and family members who I have inspired throughout my lifetime in high school and early undergraduate years. The purpose of this is to give an...
  7. mrteeson


    Hi guys, i received a main round offer for comm/law at uws and bcomm at macq. I certainly do have an interest in studying law but i wouldnt say im passionate about it. Im wondering what would be more advantageous in terms of job prospects. I know that work experience, extra curricular activities...
  8. mrteeson

    Oral Health 2013 MMI

    Hey! Just wondering when will USYD send MMI invites for BOH. I know it will vary for some people where some will get it early like today or later during the week. So anxious at the moment!!! :spzz: Also wish everyone who is applying for this course best of luck!
  9. mrteeson

    USYD - PQA Preparation

    It was good :), although i wouldn't say im confident enough to say i will definitely get to MMI stage.
  10. mrteeson

    USYD - PQA Preparation

    LMAO its just the entrance exam for oral health, btw anyone doing the test tomorrow at westmead campus?!?! I feel like the only one sitting the alternative test :(
  11. mrteeson

    USYD - PQA Preparation

    Doing mine tomorrow any tips!!!! im freaking out ><
  12. mrteeson

    how to get into dentistry?

    Hmmmmm by the looks of your aim/goal you want to do it at usyd (like me:D), to get into usyd DMD(postgrad course). So here are the list to do in order to get into usyd dentistry: 1. Do an undergrad course (even though people recommend med sci i see a lot of applicants who make it through are...
  13. mrteeson

    Predictions for 6/7 marker questions this year?

  14. mrteeson

    General Thoughts: Mathematics Ext 1

    looking around mid 50s/70, but i found it harder than other years. That's just my pov.
  15. mrteeson

    Band 6 marks/ uni Q's/moderated marks

    Im also aiming to do DMD, but everyone has didn't perception if it's hard or easy to get in. It depends on your GPA, your performance in GAMSAT and the interview. Just worry about getting in Med.Sci, but actually any course can give you the chance to do Dentistry as long as it is science related.
  16. mrteeson

    B5/B6 Cut off

    NICe, but was question 6 a smiley face? fuk me lost a mark...
  17. mrteeson

    General Thoughts: English Standard Paper 2

    That question threw me off in the reading time. LMAO
  18. mrteeson

    Throwing an all nighter

    YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA im pumped! Lets do this shit!
  19. mrteeson

    Only 3 subjects to study for

    Yes you can, a graduated student from my school who sat HSC last year did 3U and 4U for his HSC in year 10, then he did 4 subjects for his hsc year and got dux in my school who got ATAR 98.9. So it does show it works you just need motivation and dedication to do it.