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    law/commerce v computer science

    computer science is only oversaturated for people who are average. there is a shortage of good computer science grads - if you do well at school and apply yourself, there is definitely no shortage. (Besides right now, where everyone is struggling to find a job, because of the terrible job...
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    HSC remark

    from what I know they don't actually remark the papers; rather they examine if the markers intended original marks have been given, chrck for any clerical errors, etc. could be wrong; so if there is indeed a clerical error and you have been given too MANY marks, then I would assume you have...
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    so many conservatives, especially the oldies in this forum. makes me laugh.

    so many conservatives, especially the oldies in this forum. makes me laugh.
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    Anaphora (Because, because), represents his desparation. Rhetorical question, 'How may I leave without my name?' hyperbolises the importance of reputation.
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    Do people finish with time remaining during the HSC?

    yuh, our exam was super duper easy. but physics is usually very time lenient. for maths advanced, (last year), i had about an hour left. your suppose to use that to look over the entire exam again.
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    Do people finish with time remaining during the HSC?

    yeah, definitely. the only exam where I was time crunched was ext 1 and 2 maths. every other exam, i had anywhere from 5-10 minutes (english), to 1:30 hours (physics)
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    Laptop requirements for Bachelor of Music (Performance)

    definetely not going to a music degree, but do and have played drumset for musical productions and bands: the first thing you have to consider is if you have to compose (using Sibelius, etc.). If you do have to compose in your degree, then it's worth finding a laptop with 16GB of ram or more...
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    Importance of grinding in high school vs University

    i hope to god i never have to grind and be stressed like I was this year.
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    Physics predictions?

    You could definetely say in the question that since the accelerations + velocity didn't math, much of the extra force being exerted were largely from the initial boosting stages + orbit around sun/earth.
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    Macquarie Co-op

    Yeah, I got rejected haha.
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    Best uni for Math/CompSci??

    I'm looking to go to UNSW. I made this decision on a few factors, which you may or may not care about: 1. Generalised reputation Don't know if it's warranted or not, but UNSW is definitely widely regarded as the better Comp Sci/Engi uni. The partner organisations which UNSW have and the...
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    HSC Maths Exam Gets an F for Failing Our Students

    bunch of edgelords in here saying stress is a choice like their some demi gods hahaha anyone struggling out there, stress isn't a choice and is a primordial response to overwhelming tasks. lighten up bud. you're stressing me out with your 1930's overt nihilism.
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    Physics predictions?

    hahahh nesa went i meant easy i didn't mean that easy cmon man
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    Year 9 Mathematics Ranking

    a loooot can change in two years. just wait and see, don't stress about the future so much. so far your doing well :), and you should be proud of that.
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    HSC Maths Exam Gets an F for Failing Our Students

    feel like i'm reading the manifesto of my asian father hahahaha. let's just let kids kill themselves because we compare our high school exams to hyper-competitive nations. Definetely agree that the sciences in HSC is a snooze. We should be teaching calculus based for physics 10000000%. I think...
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    HSC Maths Exam Gets an F for Failing Our Students

    your tl;dr is a bit strange. it's easy to look at gaokao, NEET, and CSAT (called seuneung), and gawk at how difficult the exams are, because of how the media and society represents migrant students. comparing gaokao, neet and csat to maths extension 2, is actually far more similar then...
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    2023 HSC chat

    2023 class pls enjoy your long holidays. last time you get to have a remote semblance of fun.
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    'Conciseness' and it's effect on extended responses

    I believe that the pay for teachers marking was changed because of this mentality. I'm pretty sure it's hourly now, because teachers would just smash through papers without giving too much thought into the answers. I could be wrong though? That's a fair statement though.
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    'Conciseness' and it's effect on extended responses

    In my physics trial my teacher literally took like 15 marks off of me for 'not being concise'. Yet, when I look at HSC marking guidelines, it's more like a checklist of considering enough points on the syllabus. I enjoy writing out long elaborate answers for like 9 markers - will I be punished...
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    Macquarie Co-op

    Anyone gotten offers yet? Suppose to come out sometime from today to this week.