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    I was thinking of only doing B.Science for a semester, because pharmacy only starts in semester 1 of each year. That way I could maybe get credit for some courses I did in that semester, or get good marks enough to push my UAI up (It was 95.35 and you need like, 96 to get into pharmacy). But...
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    Hi, and thank you for the serious replies. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. The only thing I am apprehensive about is that I might regret my decision, and that I don't know what studying science at unviersity is like. But I will have a serious think about that. Bond, for law, from what I...
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    Hiya people. So I am a little confused as to what I should do at the moment. Currently I am enrolled in a Bachelor of Laws at Bond University. I am in my second semester, and upon getting into some of the core, serious units, I am finding them kind of...boring. Also, I do not feel comfortable...
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    Hickey's/Love bite's

    Gross, I know... But would a guy care if it was pointed out in public that his GF gave him one? Like if everyone knew? Or be proud? Haha
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    Apple Laptop Qs

    Hi, I have had my current apple laptop (an iBook G4) for 3 years now, and the screen is starting to go dull, even on the highest contrast it is difficult to read. Also, the hardrive will sometimes not start up and freezes often. Would it be worth my money to update my laptop now? I have had it...
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    Mac Photos

    Hi, Just wondering if someone can tell me how people edit photos on their macs in the way how they can warp them, give them pop art effect etc. is it in iPhoto or do i need to download something>? Thanks
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    Insight plz

    Under the Sale of Goods Act 1896, would you define 'goods' the same as 'services', such as in relation to honouring contracts?
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    quick reply please

    thanks guys! i just needed it for a tutorial question, i could find (mind you, i could obviously identify) which of each prevailed in each case, just not the reason why for the first one haha. and lol at the $50 bribe...haha if i was rich i would so do that
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    quick reply please

    yes, thank you, but why?
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    quick reply please

    help: in the case of conflict between the following, which prevails and why: a. common law and statute b. commonwealth statute and an inconsistent state statute c. between the decision of an Australian court and that of an English court thanks
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    Thank you guys for the nice and useful replies, and STFU the rest of you, ha. I do find it hard to put myself out of my comfort zone, I prefer to make long-term friends rather than ones just to hang around with so I don't look alone. But tonight was a party and I have been invited to lunch so...
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    Hi guys I started at Bond this week, and so far feel like I'm not "fitting in" as such.. I mean, I have to be truthful that I haven't been the most outgoing either, but everyone else seems to be in little click groups already and I'm just all on my lonesome. When classes start, and everyone...
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    To the Gold Coast, to start at Bond Uni. They have "tri-mesters" (err) so they start early!
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    DFEE CONFUSION. Please clear it up

    is the 2008 FEE-help limit for law around $100 000, or $80 000?
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    I'm moving tomorrow to start Uni on Monday. So excited, and scared!
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    Law Reviews/journals

    Hi, Is anyone subscribed to any law reviews or law journals? If so, which ones, are they useful and what do they cost? Please reply! Thanks
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    Bond 2008

    You obviously haven't been to the campus or spoken to any staff who work there. With my UAI I could have chosen to go to ANU but Bond has outrun that university the last few years and so remains the best option for me. Plus I have a scholarship - so I am not a dumb, rich, daddy's girl as you...
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    Any Bonders?

    Woo I'm going to Bond! January '08, or as they say, 081. So excited :):)
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    Post Your UAI's Here

    95.35 Stoked!