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  1. Fido

    When did you leave?

    Question: how CAN you leave early?? our school doesnt let us anyway, but i write up til the three hours in every exam :S how can you possible answer all the questions in like an hour?
  2. Fido


    uum, you didn't have to put 4 and 6 in seperate booklets. it just means a writing booklet separate to the one you used for questions 1 and 3. Lol i nearly died when i read that...
  3. Fido


    the bastards haven't given us our own thread :( but how'd everyone find it?
  4. Fido

    ready? set?

    Wehay... it's in, ooh, 3 hours. Is anyone else slightly crapping themselves? (although its more than likely that no one else will visit this forum before then.) Cicero's a wanker.
  5. Fido

    Worst core topic?

    I want my teacher to be sacked.... or shot. we lost a really good one and got a crap one half way through the year, so chem went from my best subject to one of my worst. not happy jan. consequently CM&M is EASILY my worst core (we did it last)
  6. Fido

    best and worst thing

    easy as a donkey? ewww...
  7. Fido

    how hard will they mark

    i'm with acid... i'm pretty sure it didn't have to ACTUALLY be an imaginative journey, they just mean imaginative as in wehay, look at me, i'm capable of imaginative thought. which essentially means that so long as you didn't copy out a textbook or something you're fine. i swear they wouldnt be...
  8. Fido

    SPEECHES trouble

    lol... what an odd combination
  9. Fido

    SPEECHES trouble

    technically we have to know all the speeches, because they could ask us a specific one. but i'm not going to learn them all in depth personally, which may be stupid, but there's thirteen days to go :| i'd say just know about 3 in depth, like IN DEPTH, and know enough on the others to be able to...
  10. Fido

    Powerplay in A+C

    Small issue, i don't GET powerplay :| we're doing Antony and Cleopatra, but we really squeezed it in before the trials, and consequently i did sooo much worse in it than all my other modules. Does anyone have any tips on the module/how you can say anything about it? I also have ithues...
  11. Fido

    New Latin Thread - Cramming tips?

    This isn't a very friendly forum at the moment :( sexual exploits aside, i'm gonna fail latin :D why does god hate me :'(
  12. Fido

    iz 3unit worth it???

    yeah i reckon it is. equally i reckon you should keep it in year 12, its really easy marks . may sound odd, but i think it's soooo much easier than advanced
  13. Fido

    2004 Trials

    Nah, CSSA was a series of journal entries, it didn't specify a number. you could have done as many as you wanted
  14. Fido

    New Latin Thread - Cramming tips?

    what school zhongie?
  15. Fido

    in desperate need!

    what are S.A.s? :$
  16. Fido

    Rome-al issues!

    hi all, just a wee problem, the small matter of Rome, with tiberius and gaius gracchus, in that i missed a lot of lessons and now just DO not understand the whole topic! and my trial is on tuesday! eek! does anyone have any notes on rome they are feeling generous with? *beseeching smile*:)
  17. Fido

    Let The Cath Trials Begin!

    here's hoping you don't do pdh or german...
  18. Fido

    Awesome Formals.....

    agreed. we had our year 11 formal fancy dress, it was mad fun. people don't feel as uncomfortable with it either. up with fancy dress.
  19. Fido

    Let The Cath Trials Begin!

    our teacher said that the chem exam relied on a lot more memory work than understanding than usual... which is a problem for me :( anyone else got any tips on it?
  20. Fido

    The Problem of Pamela Bradley

    and it's really not just bradley, you're not meant to quote any text books (/authors) as sources. apparently that would just be too convenient or something. but you sooo still can, just say plutarch said it! :D