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  1. jaysexy

    Custom Plates?

    I've always wanted to get 'ENIS' and stick a P plate next to it.
  2. jaysexy

    Freeloaders in group assignment

    smack some sense into the fools
  3. jaysexy

    Terrible parking...

    yeah ive always wondered why there's so much pointless grass at kingswood campus.. does anyone ever use it to its full potential? :D
  4. jaysexy

    Mid Year Admissions

    If we start a course mid year, does that mean say if you want to transfer out of your particular uni to another one, you'll still have to do a 1 year minimum and thus transfer out 6 months after other students who begun in the beginning of the year have?
  5. jaysexy

    People who ask questions in lectures are Morons

    you need to yell at em straight out to shut the fuck up and everyone else in your lecture will agree with you too
  6. jaysexy

    64 bit wifi

    really? mine says you need to install some java program required by UWS and iphones cant install it :/
  7. jaysexy

    64 bit wifi

    im more annoyed the wifi doesnt work on iphones etc
  8. jaysexy

    Tutorial Registration

    i have a 6 hour gap on mondays from 11 ~ 5 even though there was nothing i could do bout it, but it fits into my timetable perfectly.. what to do for 6 hours ? :(
  9. jaysexy

    Orientation stuff?

    i think just a bag with a note and pen should be fine :)
  10. jaysexy

    Difference between Industrial Design and Design & Technology?

    Thanks heaps man The only fucking useful reply here
  11. jaysexy

    Difference between Industrial Design and Design & Technology?

    Would anyone be able to tell me what the main differences between these two courses are? They sound very similar to what's involved in each course but I'm having a hard time trying to figure out which is the right course for me and involves a more broader range of designing aspects and...
  12. jaysexy

    Diamond on the tooth. Hot or not?

    what about this
  13. jaysexy

    Nose piercing, cute or not?

    well they look like shiny moles to me
  14. jaysexy

    Restaurant leaky fridge damaged my bag. What to do?

    Do you have a picture of this nice bag?
  15. jaysexy

    Official UWS Student List 2010

    Bachelor of Industrial Design, Penrith :)
  16. jaysexy

    Wish List Thread

    heyy that looks similar to my pair of leather shoes i bought recently! cept mine are mens lol
  17. jaysexy

    What bag are you using for school?

    Yeah I got it last time I went to Korea Here, you can see some more here: Gmarket - Buy and Sell Apparel, Cosmetics, Jewelry, Electronics & more at low price Yeah these bags look fob, but they look better than most bags I see :/
  18. jaysexy

    What bag are you using for school?

    I'm using the black one there. $40
  19. jaysexy

    to get a *?

    Apparently if your show the letter with your mystery mark on it to a pub or something, you get a free beer.