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    Eug, flashing your new firm and title already? :P Man, just tell us after your first weeks, of how much you dont have a life anymore... :P
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    Escaping UWS?

    how big is Baker & McKenzie and Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer in Aus?
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    self education expenses

    hi all, im really puzzled about the fact whether uni HECS-HELP fees are deductible if directly related to work. the tax pack says it isnt deductible if it is a HELP payment, but it also says if it is a course fee it is deductible. how to distinguish if it a course fee or a HELP payment...
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    Cadetships/Traineeships- which uni?

    i can't trust the advice of a PwC cadet =P
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    Cadetships/Traineeships- which uni?

    cadets, just wondering how many hours you set a side for study each night/morning, and how many days you take of work for a final exam or major assignment etc.
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    The hoo-hah surrounding investment banking

    IB's starting pay is about 85k i heard. Apparantly my friends tell me they have showers and beds there, as they expect you to work overtime for sure lol.
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    Med Academic Advising session?

    take it easy... future docs.. it may take some time since it is a new course after all.
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    Student Cards

    does anyone know when we can get the travel concession stickers from the student centre?
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    HELP PLEASE! Accounting Course

    Based on a student whom almost completed the majority of the accounting units. I can say the very least that, UWS Accounting is recognised by the accounting bodies. I can agree with wakeywakey that some units are poorly executed like the Accountant as a Consultant, APT. Overall the material...
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    Anyone here for BBusiness Accoutning at Parra

    Yeh im a 4th year doing this course. Most of the teaching is going to be done in the new building. Feel free to ask me any questions without hesitation :)
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    BDO & Horwath merger

    Hmm... it does'nt seem like it's been mentioned before though i just noticed it just then. Whoa, BDO and Horwath are in talks to merge, if sucessful they say they will be in a league of their own (neither Big 4 or Mid-Tier). Source:
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    Cadetships/Traineeships- which uni?

    hey, does anyone know what work duties to expect if u work as a cadet in tax/business services line at a small CA firm? anything you can prepare before starting?
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    Final Results

    Hey so do the final marks for spring semester come up in Pweb from 18th December? Does anyone know what time?
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    Lecturers / Tutors around town...

    yea, i bumped into one of my favourite lecturers, in which i was serving during work shift, and my work is pretty far from the campus my lecturer teaches and where i study.
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    Summer School

    yea, hahaha, soo popular subjects those two.
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    Vacation Work

    why did you drop a opportunity like that?
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    accting firm structure

    out of curiousity... are all accting firms all partnerships? some are named Principals? what business ownership is that?
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    Summer School

    apparantly they recently changed all law units to be able to defer to HECS-HELP
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    Rule Waiver

    prove that you have recently achieved high marks, and is capable of doing 5 units
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    How to avert a disaster?

    seeya next semester