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    HSC results for Visual Arts

    just wondering how did people go here :) i got 'rejected' by Art Express but was pre-selected :rolleyes: anyhow i got exam mark 92 assessment mark 91 = 92 :D (my only band 6 :() so how did you go?
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    i dont understand the preselection letter!!!

    you can still do a condensed one at 50 words like i did :) still incorporates lots of info.. its just compressing the words down , but keeping the meaning in with adjectives :D artish people - make mistakes like this that make ppl's lives miserable LOL - they shouldve clearly stated... not 50...
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    i dont understand the preselection letter!!!

    Hi there, same thing happens here.... i reckon these letters are typed up in a hurry... they seem to contradict each other.... one says that it has to be sent by Friday, on another page it says next week ... :o ... think this says a lot about the art ppl who are marking our works :D...
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    Pre Selected Ppl

    1 in 4 chance - e.g. 200 works from 800 pre-selected... each year the 'theme' is different, so.... :) just depends on their theme :D
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    How did you find it?

    o well... too bad i didn't 'nail' it as well as i wanted to ... would still (hopefully) get a good mark though :(
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    How many pages did u write for section 2?

    doesnt' scale quite as good, but depends on the quality of the candidature each year :) if ur at the top, it doesn't and won't bother you :) if you are in the middle, then yes it's better to be slightly above average just to be safe if you're at the bottom, well hope for good luck :o ;)
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    How did you find it?

    some people just keep complaining that it's hard and stuff..... i don't really think it's THAT hard... LOL
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    Section 1 wtf!!!!!

    q1. CULTURAL FRAME - either dictatorship (how a dictator repress the mass), wealthy and manipulative billionaires (how they control and destruct the destinies of millions of korean people - hence the vast scale of the small figures) q2. ART PRACTICE - artmaking - how technology has influenced...
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    Who here got nominated for art express?

    mmmm itinerant marking. now i have to package them and send it off... how annoying :( :rolleyes: :mad1: :D
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    Exam 2003

    wasn't too hard... but i have to say the first and second plate - only koreans would have a FULL understanding of the cultural frames and the artworks significance.... so why does the BoS choose to use cultural specific artworks? this could potentiall disadvantage those who don't know it...
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    The Visual Arts HSC paper soon... nervous?

    there's LITTLE chance that section 1 could be prepared ... they ALWAYS try to outsmart students, so there's little to no point guessing. Focus instead on section 2 and learning about the art history events and periods etc....
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    Who here got nominated for art express?

    that's just saying nothing is new anymore :) - a post modernist view of the exhibition? :D I tend to agree also :D
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    SOR1 notes... from last year

    just dug it up from a corner of my HD, it's not finished though.... and it's last year's of religion summary.doc
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    Who here got nominated for art express?

    I'm nominated too :) amongst 6 members from my school to be pre-selected - i don't think i will make it to the exhibition though :D - still, hoping for a high band 6! :D i doubt that this will be selected, cos from the pics it looks...
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    Did Anyone Get Confused By The Wording Of The Time Dilation Question

    would be funny if the question was ambiguous.... :apig: anyhow. i put D. i just realised after the exam it COULD be B - suppose B is the twin paradox? - the 'twin' on earth argues he's younger and the 'twin' on the spaceship also argues that he's young? something like that?:rolleyes: :mad...
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    I'm nominated for artexpress :D :D :D :D :D definitely cheer up my day from the misery of PHYSICS LOL :apig:
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    chances are when someone writes one page in 1 and a half minutes are: - they probably don't or won't recall what they wrote, cos they probably didn't think thru the question - they probably didn't think about answering the question but just regurgitated their memories essay - each bos...
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    Module C - History & Memory

    this question was actually great, compared to the other ones in this module C, were much better: History is NOT a single story. i interpreted story as the memory(s) of Genia and and the memory(s) of Yossl as such, and how there are different perspectives, and more generally, recorded...
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    Official Question 1 Thread - Textual Analysis

    text 3... i was writing stuff (which i forgot) and then i suddenly mentioned microcosm and macrocosm - the comparison between the island's wearing down and new ones growing up and the macrocosm - the universe opening and expanding, and also 'One by one the stars will fade and the earth will be...
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    Official Question 3 Thread - Change Response

    for this question, there might be a bit of teacher debate about the use of the 'book launch'... but then a film, song, newspaper article is still considered as a 'text'. The question merely asks you to 'explain and assess the ways in which change is represented', write a speech AT a book...