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  1. ThePix

    Any one listen to Nightwish?

    yeh i got 3 of the nightwish albums... when they team up with the lord of the rings symphony (forget there actual title) they do mix up metal with a nice classical touch quite well... when its good its in the same vein as S & M type stuff, but unfortunately rather than letting the musicians make...
  2. ThePix

    Most popular/successful television show of the last two decades (i.e. since 1985)?

    wouldnt it be the simpsons? keep in mind that it had a more universal appeal and i can garentee that more kids aged 3 to 12 would hav watched the simpsons over seinfeld none the less both great shows
  3. ThePix

    NRL Thread

    i think it'd be awsome if usa could get heaps good at league, i just been reading the match reviews n im so cut i missed the game bcoz of work :( can anyone tell me was it like a pretty decent aussie squad and do the usa have any players that could possibly play nrl in a few years?
  4. ThePix

    criminology at UWS

    i also applied for a bachelor of social science n i wanna do psycology and criminology :D
  5. ThePix

    Who got more info on RET/STAT marks??? mine doesnt add up

    i gots 89 in the written english tooo :) but i am terrible with maths... like i rekon if they put addition and subtraction in there... i probably get most of em wrong :( lol but yeh i wouldnt hav a clue how the uni do it all, all a bit confusing so im sorry for posting wen i dont hav a...
  6. ThePix

    that wanker on a current affair

    yeh ACA are all about quality programming, and ensuring that the truth is given the highest priority!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *takes breath* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ;)
  7. ThePix

    People who like Australian Idol should Die!

    u forgot about Good Charlotte and Simple Plan? :p
  8. ThePix

    NRL Thread

    yeh but what needs to be found out to get a true exactly how many games the dragons have played without him since hes been at the club, and then find the ratio of wins to losses i myself know that without him, winning hasnt been fruitful for the dragons but to what extent...
  9. ThePix

    penrith fun

    lol u should be able to tell that Natstar isnt actually from the west, (im from colyton, its not as good as st clair, but not as shit as st marys LOL) If Natstar was REALLY from the west, she wouldnt argue with you, wouldnt a westie take your fone, rape your loved ones and steal your shoes...
  10. ThePix

    NRL Thread

    once again ill first admit that saying he shouldnt b anywhere near the side is opinionated and bias so im not goin to hide that, but just so u know my beef isnt that hes a dragon, more so his lack of attacking presence on the field... many of the offloads which so easily stock up on his stats...
  11. ThePix

    NRL Thread

    fair enuf indeed... my apoligies if i seemed to get alittle over synical, sometimes the one man team things just get a bit dry n i over react, as u said, just stating ur opinion n im sorry if my post seemed in any way rude or oppressive (as strange as it may sound im trying to be serious) and...
  12. ThePix

    NRL Thread

    like keeping ryles as far away from the starting line up as possible and bringing in O'MELEY to show him how a real forward plays!!!!
  13. ThePix

    NRL Thread

    no not becuase of ryles..... bcoz of the other swag of australian players gower, lockyer... your always going to struggle wen the two playermakers are out, whether u like them or not, the australian team has been training to run under those two men's game plan with gower and lockyer...
  14. ThePix

    Manly's Idea

    thats bcoz its not a financially profitable marketing ploy in 1996...a manly home game round one would of been a massive crunch match that everyone wanted to see these days, seeing manly play someone at home is not always so dynamic, plus the fuckin kiwis complain all the god damn time, we...
  15. ThePix

    NRL Thread

    lol so your new found amazing scoop that newcastle struggle without johns should inspire us to go for another side ? also johns was not the only injury, when he first got injured we were being competitive and then even more injuries were added to johns tahu, o'davis (as always), kennedy...
  16. ThePix

    Bands You Recommend To Others

    totally agree with ya buddy...... but i must admit im one of those who owns the jet ud know my cd obsession is one aspect of that, and also because its feel good they dont push musical boundaries...... theyve stolen from a back catalogue of rock n rolls finest, it doesnt...
  17. ThePix

    Best Song 2003 ( so far!)

    buckley = absolutely amazing!!! Rock song of the year for me what be: Velvet Revolver - Slither (i could get into the more underground lesser known stuff but its pointless... if no one really knows it, stiffles conversation) Rap/Hip Hop/RNB (not kool enuf to know the genres of it properly...
  18. ThePix

    NRL Thread

    mmm tis a bit of a worry, a forward who cant stay isnt free isnt going to be remembered as a good one (eg i love my knights and big ben Kennedy but come on, u step on his toe and hes out for six weeks) i think throwing him in the deep end for tri-nations which has proven to be prodominantly a...
  19. ThePix

    Manly's Idea

    yeh beach training has been one of the most popular types of training for teams these days i suppose travel isnt a majorly contributing factor but i still feel it plays a part in the overall personal satisfaction of the player. Scott Sattler wasnt exactly over the moon about the travelling...
  20. ThePix

    Help Please Regarding Lionel Murphy

    did he introduce the 14 grounds for divorce under the Matrimonial causes act or did he introduce the concept of no fault divorce ?