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  1. ryder2106

    German Continuers!

    the standard 10% rule applies for word limit, i think i did b and b for the creative responses... overall no surprises, i thought it was relatively squeaky clean =]
  2. ryder2106

    German Continuers!

    How'd you all go? I found it kind of easy....
  3. ryder2106

    Schoolies in Port Macquarie

    As far as I'm aware there's two, Downunder and one other...I forget the name. What dates are you guys there for?
  4. ryder2106

    Geography HSC 2009?

    In all honesty, geography is the subject I care least about... German tomorrow, then I'm gonna have a week break, study the two days before the exam. I'll be sweet =D
  5. ryder2106

    HSC includes preliminary?

    Well preliminary is going to provide a basis for your HSC knowledge anyway. But they don't specifically ask for prelim topics. So as long as you have enough background, you'll be sweet just studying year12 stuff =D
  6. ryder2106

    Deutsche Musik

    Mir auch =D Sie sind total gut, find ich. =]
  7. ryder2106

    Schoolies in Port Macquarie

    That's kind of the point of our Port Mac trip... A little bit quiter, surf, lying on the beach, down time in general. I'm still looking forward to it.
  8. ryder2106

    Conflicting Perspectives

    Haha neither can I! It will be so amazing =]
  9. ryder2106

    Schoolies in Port Macquarie

    I'm going with 16 others from the 14th November to 21st. Gonna be sweeeeeeet
  10. ryder2106

    Deutsche Musik

    Rosenstolz, Sportfreunde Stiller, Deichkind, Die Prinzen, Die Toten Hosen, Peter Fox, Rammstein, Silbermond.
  11. ryder2106

    German HSC!

    Who's ready for Monday? I can honestly say that my German usage kind of died down a little after the oral...anyone else?
  12. ryder2106

    General Thoughts - Ancient History

    I died in this exam. Section 4 was fine, as was Societies, but I died in Pompeii and Personalities. The questions were plain weird and not what I had studied....goodbye band 6 =[
  13. ryder2106

    Romanticism, people!

    I was actually really happy with the exam, considering the amount of study I put into it. I did Coleridge and Austen, related texts were Heinrich Heine's poem Auf Flügeln des Gesanges and Jane Eyre the film. I did 11 pages on essay and 8 on creative, not too bad. Essay question was sooo basic...
  14. ryder2106

    Conflicting Perspectives

    I did two, I was so happy with this part, I wrote the most pages and got in the most detail. I did Julius Caesar, a Michael Jackson feature article and a German film called Downfall.
  15. ryder2106

    General Thoughts: General Mathematics

    Overall I was happy with the exam...guessed like 2 multiple choices. The probability questions were pretty tricky though. Fingers crossed for a band 6!!