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    We're just talking about how much we learned in the germany topic.
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    Music 1

    It'd be cool to start a band out here in the country. I'm sick of city bands, all 'i'm so fucking tough', so if anyone lives in the area near orange, in NSW and thinks it'd be cool to start a band, kinda rock stuff, just say so............and say wot you play.
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    We focussed a lot on weimar, but managed to fit in a lot of nazism study, but hey.....i don't know if it was enough.
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    Business Services

    yeah, i did this and my friend did it as a bludge......and we left the exam with one hour and nine minutes to go, it was so elementary! What'd you think?
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    I don't think many schools did Leni..............our class did it.........was the easiest thing I have ever done in my life! the exam on the personality was easy because we had done a similar question in an assessment task, was good and stuff! :disco:
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    Performance Exam Thing-a-ma-jig

    How did everyone go with performance?? Or think you went?? What area's did you focus on? What instrument did you play? What songs did you perform? I sing..........did 'Tomorrow' under popular music, 'How Come You Don't Call Me' and 'Falling' under instrument and it's repetoir and 'Live Without...
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    Hmm, I'm freaked out for legal tomorrow........I can't memorise is kinda a logic subject, but still, I wish I'd gone to more classes! lol :eek: Yeah, I prefer my other classes to requires thought, and thinking hurts! Not too bad at...
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    World Environment

    Global Environment Global environment is the topic that throws me, probably because it was the last topic we did.........meh. I agree with what brenno_ said.....there's a limited amount of information about this topic, and where there is information it is all linked yeah, all...