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    Question on GPAs

    does that mean first year marks do not count towards your GPA in a 4 year degree like B Liberal Studies??
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    LNGS1002 or SCLG1002?

    i haven't done either subject so i can't really help you with which would be better. but i did LNGS1001 this semester and it was great. the lectures were recorded as well, so i would assume LNGS1002 lectures are recorded because its the same lecturer and everything :)
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    Was the calibre higher this year?

    lol yeh. i think 2004 was pretty poor. it predicted 100. lol all the others predicted 95.
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    What was your overall English mark?

    advanced exam mark: 82 assessment mark: 86 hsc mark: 84 so happy with that. hate english!
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    Results in paper

    yeh, moderated marks tomorrow. you never know your raw mark.
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    Top Achievers in Course List

    Re: Top 20 in Course List omgosh i know! that scared the hell out of me!! But I'm pretty sure that people not on the list can still get above 90 and even pretty high 90s..someone correct me if i'm wrong. I will be extrememly scared if i'm wrong!!!
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    whats the first thing u'll do after you...

    me toooo. :( im so scared!
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    General Thoughts - Latin Extension

    yeh same. i would have loved an essay question on diffugere nives. but oh well. thought exam was pretty good too. may have gotten a bit stuck on the unseen questions. . we'll see
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    "Assessment Rank Order from 13 November"

    sorry, i meant will it appear as equal 1st (for eg) on your assessment rank notice or just as 1st?
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    General Thoughts - Latin Extension

    How did you guys find the exam? :)
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    "Assessment Rank Order from 13 November"

    Does anyone know if they write if you share a rank with anyone else?
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    How much did you write on average for your extended response?

    9 for family and world order 17 for crime (but starting new page for each part of question)
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    What was your top/worst subject?

    Best: Legal studies Worst: Maths ext 1/English paper 1
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    Who's effing bored of studying?

    ah..5 days left of my 13 day block between exams...i am so SICK OF STUDYING!!!!
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    Distractions throughout/prior to HSC.

    agreeed. :( wish i had a little more self-control..
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    General Thoughts - Legal Studies

    i know!! I would never have guessed for the 8 mark question to be on types of crime!! How could you write 8 marks worth on them. I guess if you had learnt them in detail it would have been okay, but i kind of figured i only needed to know the basics on each in case they asked for a 2 marks...
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    question Crime: "effectiveness of penalties to achieve justice for individuals?

    yes! i had so much trouble trying to fit in cases and legislation as well. hopefully won't lose too many marks or none at all..but im not sure how they mark it.. yay congrats on finishing.
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    General Thoughts: Latin Continuers

    I really hope so. it would be a bit outrageous if it were true. let's hope its not! :)
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    50% aligned marks

    yeah thats pretty much the same as what my teacher has been saying all year. i really hope they're right!