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    hey! Is there tennis club in unsw??? Is it an active club?? How is it??? How often do you play?
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    Investment Banking

    com law??? y?!??! i thought com eco would be better?!
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    Investment Banking

    hey! I want to do investment banking and im doing a B com / B eco in unsw.. can you be an investmen banker??? Is it better if you get a financial services job and do it full time and uni part time??? wWill you have a better chance in getting in?? Thanks all
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    Does the order matter?? I mean will the uni know which order you placed the subject in???
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    Investment Banking

    hey what course do you need to do to be a finance manager or investment banker??? Is it worth getting a cadetship and average marks or no cadetship n high marks?? Is it a competitive place as an investment banker?? Thanks people
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    Please predict my uai =)!

    hmm well, in english - 85 economics - 89 business - 88 2 maths - 91 3maths - 88 Chemistry 77 ext eng - 35/50 Thats my thoughts on the HSC SCALED mark i will get in the exam.. thanks pplz
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    When are the marking guidelines released on BOS

    WTF! WHO CARES GET A LIFE! =P! GO OUTTT! DNT WORRY ABT DATT!!! have funnnnnnnnn! while u can!!!
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    Please predict my uai =)!

    heyy! ohh srs?? school rank at about 89 i think..!
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    Please predict my uai =)!

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    uai estimate based on school rank

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    Chemistry - general thoughts on the exam

    i got ph 7=P!
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    RESULT!!! da da da dum!

    heyy! When you get your results in the papers, is it the HSC bands that determine your name in the paper? Or is it your overall mark that gets you into the paper? Also, for the premiers award, is it all 90s in the HSC or all 90s in total examination (school and hsc mark) together (10 units that...
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    Hard Or Easy?

    Still no answer from EVERY1! hard or easy???
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    in 2003 35 raw mark went to 45 =O! WOOOOOOW! =)!
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    Crime Fiction - Story

    I said : I could have screwed it up, my story was about a boy with his grandfather walking on thes teps on a rainy day and it was thundering etc and he told me a story about war and how one such person died in the war when he was trying to esecape. This story is told when the grandfather...
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    What happens =S!

    ahhh i see! Thanks for that! I just hope i don't get under 10 =S! now that i think of it you should never change your mind on the morning of an exam =P! hope i wont pay the price! fingers cross
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    =S! uh oh!

    hey ppl! This is a bit out of the topic but my friend had heaps of subjects left and i was asking him WTF and he said he he had 4unit maths! I told him that it was the other day and he went crazy =S! he supposidly didnt go 2 the ext eng exam today couse he was complaining to the board =s! hez...
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    What happens =S!

    Thanks.. Well that was MY knowledge and understanding thus i thought it was ok to subvert! The crime creates war and anarchy and kills innocent people changed the landscape of how we are. The crime committed by the politicians who rule the amount of people who go to war...Thanks im hope i am right
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    What happens =S!

    hey! What happens if you don't REALLY write in the GENRE you are asked! I thought i will change my creative last minute but it is like 13 pgs but doesnt relate to the genre! Its very different and probably once of a kind they mark from the pile of applicants =S! Though it is a good idea...
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    Crime Fiction - Story

    LOL! omg omg i cud hab screwed it =S! ma story was about a boy wid his grand father walking on the stepz on a rainy day n it was thunderin etc etc n he told me a story abt war and how 1 such person died in da war when he was trying 2 escape. This story is told wen da grandfather and me (6 yrs...