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    Gorbachev and Cold War!!

    ps i took a sick pleasure out of recyling my notes after the exam
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    Gorbachev and Cold War!!

    we studied teh C/W and did je hoover as our personality- all the topics are alligned in some way to another option of the next topic ie ww1 linnks to america in the 1920's & the depression, whcih then leads to the Cold war, during this time j.e. hoover rose to power i heard some guy...
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    General Thoughts - General Mathematics

    it seemed pretty straightforward to me- but then again those are the exams that have tricks in them, i tell you what though, that qn where we had to draw the table threw me for some reason grrrr i drew it like 3 times and it was only worth 2 lousy marks
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    General Thoughts - Geography

    our geo teacher isnt all that great....clueless is the most ccommon name for her none the less- i liked the exam though it did have a few little tricks in it but i tell you what i had modern on thurs, maths and geo on the fri i drank so much red bull i couldnt sleep last nite
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    byron bay 24th-1st

    yeah mostly east sydney privates :P most of my year is going to byron taht week :P YAY SCHOOLIES!!
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    byron bay 24th-1st

    beach parties just happen, and as a general rule everyone drinks :P btw 24-1st all teh east private schools seem to be going to byron anyways i'll see you all there!! giving out free jump hugs!!! im staying somewhere close to teh shops (i've never been to byron) on some streat starting...
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    Drinking Games

    k my 3 favourites are the panties game (requires some preparation) every girl i know carries a spare clean pair of panties with them- you place all the panties in the middle of teh table basically youpick up 1 pair at a time and go around teh group guessing who u think owns them, if u get...
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    anyone got 2 exams in a day?

    ive got maths then geo...its also my friends 18th that day, i also have modern the day before...i think i will lose my mind
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    train to schoolies

    im catching it yeah lol
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    Somebody tell me honestly is there still hope?

    it'll be fine, just start now, its never too late to start studying (this from the girl who has a maths trial tomorrow and havent really started studying...maybe after las vegas tonight) its true tough, the more effort you put in the better your results are- but i can think anyone can achieve...
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    shcoolies and sex

    im talking about the kids who go only to have they are setting a date to get laid
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    byron bay 24th-1st

    im staying right in teh middle...some street starting with H...harris, harry...i dunno- i've never been to byron before, i dont even know roughly where it is lol!!
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    shcoolies and sex

    meh if it happens it happens...obviously if you get a whole bunch of teenagers together unsupervised with alcohol.....but those peopel (both girls and guys) who go to schoolies just to get laid....well lets face it they are desperate as and its more than a little sad
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    whos driving to byron,23rd

    aww!! my friend and i were gonna drive down- but she pulled out, her parents want her to fly cos its safer and there are like no tickets left for i think im catching teh train on my own i was really looking 4ward to the road trip too....we were gonna stick a huge aussie flag out the...
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    what sort of chicks/guys do u HATE the MOST??

    ha ha ha!! i love it! i dont care how arrogant a guy is (ok so there are limits but thats a whole new thread) i hate clingy people, guys especially- the really over caring ones...scares the crap out of me.....if teh guy brings most of the emotiontion into a relationshp whats teh girl got to offer
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    The First Kiss

    lol my first kiss was soooo cliche i cracked up like halfway through!! it was on a beach at 3am, under a full moon and we kissed until the waves washed over our legs the guy didnt know it was my first kiss tho