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    Legal Studies Scaling

    dont worry about scaling...just do the best you can in the exam and what you get is what you get. if you only need 80 for b6, would u only study 80 marks worth?i think not.
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    anyone else de-motivated?

    ahhhhhhhh im frecking so gonna fuck up tomorrow
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    anyone else de-motivated?

    tommorrow im screwed u no...ill have to write the same thing in every question. Im just gonna keep referring to eco growth,unemployment,inflation etc. they best rename economics to GAYONOMICS
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    Flexible and Managed peg?

    managed peg is when the currency is pegged to australia's major trading partners.(eg YEN,American dollar,pound). RBA would peg the AUS currency everyday at 9am
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    anyone else de-motivated?

    all my friends exams finished last week. I still got eco and legal to go. What makes it worse it that they are both about writing long essays. Sometimes i just feel like...quiting i still might. who else feels this way
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    Labour market policies HELP

    i would of helped yah if u were a hunny
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    how do u measure real GDP

    so how would you caculate the real gdp for question 3 in the 06 paper?
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    Role of: Couts, tribunals and EA

    leading edge 2007 pg 305-307
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    how do u measure real GDP

    My text book doesnt show how to caculate the real GDP. I remember the teacher showing me, but i really forgot :( so how do you caculate the real GDP...or was is the change in real GDP:bomb:
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    2006 Multiple Choice q7

    your saying foreign car producers are obliged to import the maximum amount to cars possible into Australia, based on the quota limit? If quota decreases, foreign producers should import more into australia at a cheaper price.
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    2006 Multiple Choice q7

    i got B too. A shift to the left for supply usually means a decrease in quantity and a increase in price.
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    do we HAVE to know a case study

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    'Direct' and 'indirect' trade

    u people are freaks is that even on the syallabus?
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    Raw Band Cut offs

    its 90.
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    do we HAVE to know a case study

    reduced protection, increased subsidies? , higher eco growth, higher inflation, increase in the dolla, high unemplayment in the short term, low unemployment in the long term, improving CAD and Terms of trade.
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    Estimate Raw Mark Band Cutoffs

    i only did forelli and estelle lazer :s
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    General Thoughts - Ancient History

    thats the way it is baby
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    General Thoughts - Ancient History

    this guy did fishy
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    General Thoughts - Ancient History

    whoever said they finished this test in 1h 10mins and think they got band 6 is a blow arse. WHat, you wrote like 2 pages from each essay? btw, for the festivals for sparta, i talked about the 3 main festivals - hykaithium,apollo karnei and gymnopeadia...M I RITE?
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    This is why I do 12 units...

    so youre gonna drop the subject because u'll do shit cause of yur cold? Thats not the point anyway, you suffered more throughout year 12 than people who do 10 units lol