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    How is UTS BIT COOP?

    Bachelor of information technology co-op scholarship UTS Can anyone give me insight into the course,just got an offer couple days ago . How are the activities,internships,uni life, opportunities like?
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    How did everyone go?

    Exam thoughts? Easy? Hard?
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    Bachelor of Information systems UNSW ??!!!!

    Wow thanks for such a detailed answer!
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    Bachelor of Information systems UNSW ??!!!!

    How is UNSW information systems ? Anyone down the single degree , would really appreciate a review of quality and job prospects etc???
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    The Harsh Truths of the HSC

    Seriously study more for chemistry
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    How did everyone find the paper?

    How was the paper? Easy ? hard? Thoughts ?
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    Is ANU a good uni?

    Kind of stressed few questions pls answer really need help!!! 1. How is the social life, people tell me not much to do in canberra? But im not really into clubbing or anything. But still wanna have a good social life. 2. Apparently anu is not good for undergrads? is this true, i wanna do...
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    I have a confession to make... its about umat.

    oh man that sucks. Tell us what you get, maybe it will work out in the end?
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    Bit uts results????

    Has anyone received an email for the conditional offer for the co-op bit program for UTS? Been almost 2 months since the interview!
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    Uac prefrences when?!!!!

    Can someone please explain when we have to submit our preferences to uac by??? There's all these dates on the uac website and it's just very confusing as to what the deadline is for the main round????!!!!!
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    UNSW Information systems??

    So I am considering doing bachelor of info systems at unsw? Has anyone done it or have experience, how is the job availability after the degree? And is it better then the uts coop course??
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    Please help URGENT - DROPPING PHYS??!!!!

    I am in year 12 now (first term). I currently have 10 units: chem phys eng adv business math 2u I am considering of dropping physics and doing senior science. Is this a good choice? As I am only just passing my physics exams in year 11 and I know if I do senior science I can do really well...
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    Physics , strategies to get 95%+ in yr 12

    Hey guys What are tips to go from an average physics student to high achieving 95%+ student? I know it requires alot of work but I want to specifically know the study methods and exam techniques as I am willing to put in the hours. Can you please also share things to study during these...
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    DROPPING 3u math to 2u???!!!!! Pls help

    So it's nearly end of yr 11, and I am unsure if I want to drop 3 unit math or not because currently getting 95% in 2u but haven't passed a single test for 3u this year although our school tests are very hard. If I drop it will mean I will have 10 units, and more time which I will be productive...
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    Business Studies, good or bad?!

    It depends, personally love the subject and have really good class discussions , my teacher is really good:) but I also have friends who have pretty bad teachers and so they find the subject really dry and boring.
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    HELP! Water Prac Exam!

    Hope this helps, has the whole method for the prac:)
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    Business Studies! How to study +exam techniques?

    I am currently in year 11. What is the best way to study business studies since its a highly rote subject and what are good exam/study techniques to get 95%+? What should I study in the dec/jan holidays to prepare for year 12? Currently ranked 18/120, want to get higher as scales low.
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    The Student's Guide to HSC Physics

    WOW thanks so much
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    Is physics really that hard? + Study techniques

    So I am in year 11 right now and I am just passing physics. I am really motivated to improve to get above 90% but I think my mistake was I didn't practice at all for half yearlies. My question is in year 12 is the physics really hard and also do you have to be really naturally good at it...