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    Share your 2009 ATAR here

    96.55 SAM estimated 96.1 So happy!!!
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    Share your 2009 HSC results here

    Engineering 91 English (Advnaced) 89 IPT 95 General Maths 93 PE 94 RE 45 So unbelievably happy!!
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    Hmm i got 0.3 ohms but i have no confidence in this answer. Anyone clarify what the answer was + how they got it?
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    Pretty sure the 2nd multi choice was 40kN because it was one wire not two, so u didn't have 2 divide it by two. The drawings weren't too bad, at least i knew what they should look like even if i did stuff them up. The only hard maths question was the one with the crane because i didn't study...
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    Yea wasn't hard wasn't easy I also finished in about 2 hours i thought i must of missed something
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    Engineering Marathon

    How did u get that length? and how does it help our quest to find AB?
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    Dreaming of the HSC

    Haha yea ive had a couple. The first dream i had i was told that i had one night to do all of my exams, but i had 2 work that night so i had to try and do my exams while i was working. The second one i dreamt that i got the wrong exam paper but the supervisors wouldn't believe me so i got 0 haha
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    Engineering Marathon

    I'm sayin that when I tried to solve it i misread the 30kN force as 20kN and thats why i got it wrong. Your right arman. When i redid it i got the same as you. But i still can't get the force in AB :(
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    Engineering Marathon

    Yea made a silly error missread 30kN force as 20kN Hope i dnt do that on wednesday Yea RAB = 130 kN
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    Engineering Marathon

    I got Rb = 90kN (up) Ra = 61kN (80 degrees down to the left - hard to explain without diagram) Dunno how to get force in AB tho. anyone help? Edit: This is wrong! I misread 30kN force as 20kN
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    textbook and/or study guide?

    I would buy the study guides personally, most are very good As for the textbooks borrow them from your school or town library for free; whenever you need them (i.e before exams etc) just take them home and copy (or photocopy) the important pages. Also check ebay - often has cheap textbooks
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    Are you going to become an engineer?

    I was considering doing electrical engineering however i did some heavy research and i realised that without maths, physics or chemistry under my belt it would be very very difficult.
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    Band six or five raw mark for engineering?

    No way. If u want band 6 you will only need about low 80's
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    Help with Patterns and Algebra

    Nah haven't got my results back yet, but the exam was very easy so hopefully i didn't make too many silly errors and can pull off a band 6 :haha:
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    Help with Patterns and Algebra

    Just did my gen maths HSC n we don't do these I haven't done them since year 9 and 10 but i will give it a go I think if your having trouble you may be getting your x's and y's mixed up When they give you coordinates it is (x,y) , (x,y) thus. for the first question: (3,8) , (7,2) would be...
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    advanced english

    yea...probably best posting this thread in advanced english...not general maths...
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    Multiple choice answers pe

    I think it had to be carbohydrates Fats/proteins take longer to digest and sit 'heavily' in the stomach; although fats do provide more energy per gram than carbs, they require a lot more oxygen to convert it to glycogen to use for energy. And proteins hardly provide energy. So it must of been...
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    Maths help.`

    Yea they got it from the question before hand (83c) where you had to find the area of the hexagon :)
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    someone upload the paper

    Thanks man ur a ledgend! :)
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    General Thoughts: PDHPE

    True, but it is definately worth mentioning that feedback can be positive or negative. You are allowed to go beyond the syllabus :)