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    URGENT help with the assessment hsc mark

    An appeal about assessment marks should have occurred first at the school level, if there were abnormalities during that process. Then you could check if they placed the school mark correctly on the Board site
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    who else is surprised with chem and phys?

    Your school with have these but still around 8% of the state had Band 6 in Physics and 26% Band 5. The questions all appeared reasonable but there were lots of twists and expectations of precise terminology that may have reduced marks, Chemistry had an increase in Band 6s this year by about...
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    Torque, Force and EMF graph questions

    No the graph of the force would be a a flat line because the angle always remains perpindicular
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    How do rankings of schools affect your HSC mark?

    And in the exam, what was the top mark? What has been said is what occurs according to BOS. What was: Top Exam Mark at School Your moderated assessment mark
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    How do rankings of schools affect your HSC mark?

    Were you ranked a clear first in your assessments? Or were you equal first?
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    The time between the task and any appeal will go against you. Any appeals normally have to be done within about a week to 10 days. They will argue you should have appealed at the time, not waiting to see your result.
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    HSC Physics Questin Help 2003

    Pwnage101 haas just made one of the mistakes they were looking for. You can't measure current with a voltmeter, so if you used a voltmeter, you automatically didn't gain full marks. Exact explanations on how the independent variable was changed, controls etc also were required
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    2009 Raw marks.

    There is a number of things under discussion with typing. It probably will not be for all subjects. Last I heard it will be an option and you will take responsibility if your computer crashes during the exam.
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    Space/Projectile Motion/Centrifugal Force

    I would ask the person who wrote the question what they mean by centrifugal force.
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    2009 HSC Raw Marks

    Depending on the stage of marking. In general the paper will be taken back to the original marker and asked why they discuss why. Depending on the justification the mark may or may not be changed. In the final stages of marking, generally the SMs mark will be used due to time. Two major...
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    2009 HSC Raw Marks

    Just clarifying about Physics. It is what is called check marked. Bundles of up to around 25 are given to each marker. For the first day these are double marked to ensure consistency between markers. After that they are single marked by a marker, with any different responses discussed by...
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    Torque Question Calculation 2009 HSC

    Remember to only use one half of the coil as it is a single pole and not across the whole coil. A better way to do this is a force balance on the side.
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    wich bk has betta solutins for scinces: creelmann or odlum & garner?

    Creelman will no longer be publishing papers as of 2010. So its Odlum and Garner or Success One
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    Addressing this particular dot point

    Was tested in 2008 in the context of ploitical and social impacts on scientific research
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    Was that a Maths exam?

    As I said the interpretation is in the marking schemes. An equated value but not calculated is taken as a correct value, if there is some value written, even if it is incorrect. If the marking guidelines were taken literally as people are here, then in you had part a wrong, then carry over...
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    Was that a Maths exam?

    Most times it means correct substitution, a value but the value doesn't have to be correct.
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    Was that a Maths exam?

    It was, I am not going to go into anymore detail but can guarantee it was.
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    Was that a Maths exam?

    Which meant correct substitution because a correctly substituted formula, with the letter as the subject is taken as a number I'm finding it very funny about the questions you are quoting. Just clarifying Physics is one of the subjects that has a marking scheme and a marking guideline. The...
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    Was that a Maths exam?

    In my time marking, i wouldn't need one hand to see when it was marked on the final answer rather than substitution. I have seen more cases of where the right answer has been given zero without working than being marked wrong on a calculator error.
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    Was that a Maths exam?

    The other thing is with 17a, is that a range of numbers were accepted as the correct value. There wasn't one specificc value looked for.