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  1. edmond1

    Bachelor of Design 2009 cut-offs discussion

    Got an offer for design in visual communication, only just made it by a bit. Almost all the courses except one requires 90+ uai, so does that mean UTS is one of the best uni for design related courses?
  2. edmond1

    How many students get 90+ uai in NSW?

    there was 68000 students who did the hsc this year, so im guessin 6800 at least? is that correct?
  3. edmond1

    The Truth........

    Watched "The Office" during the morning instead of revising, before my visual arts exam
  4. edmond1

    kill the hsc

    Laugh And the world laughs with you Weep And you weep alone
  5. edmond1

    How do you feel you went in the art making 50%?

    So which mark actually counts for the Body of work? The internal mark or the mark given by the HSC markers?
  6. edmond1

    Creative Writing Titles

    it shouldnt be that important. unless the test gave you some topic sentence or maybe an image, to base your creative writing on, then probably you should mention whichever one you picked my class and i, never put a title for our creative writings and the teachers didnt mind
  7. edmond1

    How many pages for a 20 mark question?

    What do you believe is a good amount to write for a 20 mark question, for stuff such as module C etc (powerplay, in the wild....etc) I can only write a bit more than 3 A4 pages in 40 mins, with an average amount of techniques, meaning, etc How much can you write?
  8. edmond1

    von brauns contribution to space exploration

    got my assignment back and got full marks for the research but only 16/20 for the experiment :S . overall 30/34 not that bad but it was an easy assignment..
  9. edmond1

    von brauns contribution to space exploration

    i need some sources(apart from wikipedia) for van Brauns contribution to space exploration and/or rocketry. i already got wat hes done but i need to expand on it and im findig it a liitle hard to find information because most sites talk about his life and disneyland and all that sort of stuff...
  10. edmond1

    Stupid Stupid Stupid question

    im pretty sure (sin 30)(sin30) should work
  11. edmond1

    Italian Continuers

    it was alrite and and easier than my trials and half yearly:) . i also had a lot of time at the end , around 25 minutes after i finished so it as good