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    HSC Legal Studies Tutoring $30p/h

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    2014 Exam Preparation

    The nature of this subject means it would be beneficial to continue updating. An accumulation of old legislation wouldn't be more useful if they don't still apply.
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    Selling Legal Studies notes (95) and 15 Economics essay plans (91) | 98.1 ATAR

    Re: Selling HSC Legal Studies notes | Exam mark 96 | HSC mark 95 pmed
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    GOVT 2nd Year easy senior units ?

    It depends on your course structure. I know for BPESS you must have 1 GOV subject in semester 1 and 2 in semester two to major in it. However, you will probably be able to have more than the 3 senior required again depending on your course. Also, the second year senior units are listed here...
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    2013–14 Ashes Series

    come on Smith and Haddin!
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    Keiran Loveridge

    Thank you for such an excellent response. I think this kinda ends the argument between me and spiritual bean anyway. I agree that the decision favours the offender which why I believe a longer sentence would be suitable. I do also agree that it would be nonsense for the offenders rights to be...
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    Keiran Loveridge

    I'm not bothered to continue to do the quoting thing so I'll finish it with this. You continue to tell me about how I know nothing about the balance, yet all you have spoken about how much of an injustice this is. You clearly have a strong preference towards the victim. Your argument is well...
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    Keiran Loveridge

    What does your psychologist statement have to do with me? You were just rationalizing your argument of no balance in the decision by saying that the victims family emotional response clearly shows that it was unjustified. Does that not make your opinion irrational by justifying it with emotion...
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    Keiran Loveridge

    Not giving someone a chance to better themselves because they did something bad defeats the whole purpose of having rehabilitative processes in place in the criminal justice system. The people who aren't already thinking twice about this sort of behavior are those who are going to end up doing...
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    Keiran Loveridge

    I appreciate and acknowledge your debate- but don't get personal. It's rude and I don't appreciate it. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions no matter how they form them. I never once said that the decision was completely balanced and fair.... however, if there was no balance he would've...
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    Keiran Loveridge

    Although I think what he did was horrible and has ruined the lives of many, whats the point of having him sit in a prison cell rotting through his youth instead of trying to change himself and maybe actually contribute something good to society. Having him sit through 20 years of prison would...
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    How are my ranks?

    I don't think you should be worried about anything as long as you and your classes go well. ECO- you really need everyone to score really well since there could be such a spread of marks. You've set yourself up for a really good ATAR.
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    Should I regret my subject choices?

    To get a 98+ ATAR definitely stick with what you've got. Dropping music is perfect because creative arts are horribly for ATARs unless your high band 6. If you find your struggling too much in Ext 1 later on just drop it. Keep your options open.
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    Atar Estimate Please

    yeah you'll most likely end up mid to high 90s
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    Tourism and events study notes

    I think you will find most people don't take notes for the TVET courses. You'll have to write them yourself. I have friends who did tourism who were lazy as and didn't need notes for the HSC year.