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  1. LOLivia

    Jardi Tancat & Falling Angels

    never have to look at either of them everrr again, pretty stoked. (also had to post a thread cause no-one else did aha that's appalling to say the least) Throughly enjoyed the questions but, wrote 8 pages for both (I do have uge writing though, so don't let that freak you out) quite happy just...
  2. LOLivia

    Communication Option

    Found that this section was reaaaally good! and action potential, I'm pretty sure I was right but I don't think it was enough to get 5 marks, which is super frustrating. I throughly enjoyed this topic but :)
  3. LOLivia

    Section II - Societies

    Sparta over all wasn't so bad, but I don't think I was in depth enough, I think thats what I lack is my attention to detail in my answers, urrgh.. took me so long to remember gerousia which is really frustrating cause I KNEW the answer I just totally blanked. ECONOMY QUESTION? nap probably...
  4. LOLivia

    Section III - Personalities

    lovvved first question for Xerxes, it was really similar to our trials, and thats what I know inside and out. The second question, oh my god. hated it, probably get like 4 marks out of the 15 I had not gone over Foreign policy I just tried to talk about anything I could, got about 3 pages of...
  5. LOLivia

    Conflicting Perspectives

    you have to write about AT LEAST one, so using two is obviously allowed. If it said what Paper 1 did with use ONE thennn you would be disadvantaged, but it didn't so alls well.
  6. LOLivia

    Section 1 - Stimulus

    HATED this section. I'm sorry but the texts were terrible, they were terribly written and so dry what an effort that section was.
  7. LOLivia

    When is your last exam, and what are doing right after it?

    Drama on Thursday, November 12th. Straight after I plan on getting blind drunk and as a long term goal I plan to watch copious amounts of television and movies and hit up the beach. so stoked.