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    Section II - Short Answer

    yeah i said costs: tourism, economic interaction for the town decrease as they will be now bypassed, environment in building bypass such as logging etc. benefits: noise pollution reduction, reduction in air pollution, Increase in infrastructure increases development for economy...
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    Share your Multiple Choice answers

    How is 10 (C), i got (D)
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    Share your thoughts on the exam? I personally walked out early and believe i may get a state ranking. Easy :guitar:
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    CSSA Economics 2013

    Isn't it (CPI year 2 - CPI year 1 )/ CPI year 1= 0.05 Real GDP takes inflation rate of 5% into account, 5% of 840 = 42 therefore Real GDP = 798?
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    Assessment coming up involving these conics, polynomials and volumes. If anyone has any questions on these chuck them my way. CHEERS :headbang:
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    Hsc dates

    Times like these, i wish i was asian.
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    Hsc dates

    Anybody else have: Tuesday -MX2 Thursday- Mx1 Friday- Eco Brutal as, Eco's content is dense as.
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    In what year was Gwen Harwood's 'Father and Child' Written

    In what year was Gwen Harwood's 'Father and Child' Written. Please and thank you
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    For what values of m does the line y=m(x+1) have no intersection with the parabola y=2x^2
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    preparation for physics course 1st year(no physics for hsc)

    If you are doing PHYS1121, which is physics 1A, then despite what they say there is a lot of assumed knowledge. I didn't do Physics HSC and I am happy to say I passed but it was tough ( I had to do higher for my degree). I didn't realise how much knowledge everyone else already had on me, and if...
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    Weird question

    It is just a circle with radius of 3, center (4,3) on Argand diagram
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    higher derivatives q

    F(X) = x . (3x -4)^1/2 F'(X) = (3x - 4)^1/2 + 1.5(3x - 4)^-1/2 F''(X)= 1.5(3x - 4)^-1/2 - 2.25 ( 3x - 4) ^-3/2 F"(2) = 1.5 * (1/sqrt 2) - 2.25 * (1/sqrt. 8) = - sqrt 28.125 I THINK... HOPE IT HELPS
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    Locus Q help :(

    20. |(ax+ by + c)/sqrt. a^2 + b^2 | - recall perpendicular distance formula. distance =1 therefore this always has to = 1. |(12x-5y-1)/sqrt.169|=1 (12x - 5y - 1) / sqrt.169 = 1 or (12x - 5y - 1) / sqrt.169 = -1 12x - 5y - 1 = sqrt 169 or (12x - 5y - 1) = - sqrt 169 12x -5y - 14= 0 , 12x...
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    How Many Classes

    Lucky I have 14 Ext1 classes every 2 weeks and 6 Ext2 :/ all 1hr lesseons
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    Complex Numbers + Curve Sketching Questions.

    We have knocked down these two topics and have an exam very soon. Was wondering if anyone has already had an exam on these or can provide me with exam style questions. Ceers:detective:
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    HELP Band 6 Cut Off

    You will get band 2
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    Raw Mark

    What does everyone think they scored today as a raw mark roughly?
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    B5/B6 Cut off

    I think you are only allowed to use the AA proof but must say therefore the 3rd angles are equal
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    Section I - Multiple Choice

    Re: Compare Multiple Choice +1, tested the same point aswell haha