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  1. BiasedBuffalo

    LLB transfers in 2016

    I did manage to get an offer.
  2. BiasedBuffalo

    Prospects for environmental law?

    Just curious if anyone has any insight into the prospects for graduates that are interested in going into environmental law? I'm at USYD, transferring into Combined Law. Although I'm currently enrolled in LLB/B Comm, I'm thinking of swapping to LLB/BA where I can do a government/IR major...
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    USYD Law Transfer 2017

    Good. I transferred internally this year with an ATAR of 99.05 and a WAM of ~78.
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    USYD and UNSW law transfer 2016

    USYD :)
  5. BiasedBuffalo

    USYD and UNSW law transfer 2016

    That sucks guys. I managed to scrape in with an ATAR of 99.05 and WAM of 78.3 - but I was an internal transfer, so I don't know if they assess differently.
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    Checking USYD offers early

    Not working for me, but I'm not sure if that's because I'm already at Sydney and am transferring.
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    LLB transfers in 2016

    Just curious if anyone has experience transferring to the LLB program internally at USYD recently? At the suggestion of the Admissions office, I applied for the transfer through UAC and internally. Today I got an email saying my internal application has been withdrawn and only my UAC...
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    Anyone gotten an atar of 99+ without tutoring?

    I gott 99.05 (so just scraped over) and haven't ever been tutored. Having said that, it wasn't without hard work, and tutoring may have helped. I went to a school with quite a large tutoring culture. Probably 70-80% were tutored. I often considered that getting tutoring would create a level...
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    English Adv (95), Geography (SR 96), Economics (94) tutoring - North Shore $25/hr

    Re: Geography (SR 96), English Adv (95), Economics (94) tutoring - North Shore $25/hr Thanks :) A few people have PMed me asking what texts I did for English. They were: Mod A: Gatsby and Browning Mod B: Hamlet Mod C: The Justice Game I can also help with any related texts you have chosen.
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    Raw marks - Advanced English & Geography

    Hey guys, Thought I'd post my raw marks for the benefit of the database, and anyone else who got similar results. Advanced English Paper 1 Comprehension: 15/15 Creative: 12/15 Essay: 15/15 Paper 2 Mod A (Gatsby & EBB): 19/20 Mod B (Hamlet): 17.5/20 Mod C (Justice Game): 15/20 :( Raw mark...
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    HSC Geography Ecosystems at risk?

    Biogeographical processes are pretty hard to understand. Invasion - the "colonisation" of a species in a particular area. Succession - subsequent species developing in the colonised area. Modification- exactly what the name suggests. Resilience - the ability for an ecosystem to recover from...
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    English Adv (95), Geography (SR 96), Economics (94) tutoring - North Shore $25/hr

    I'm available to tutor students looking for help with Geography, Advanced English or Economics. My HSC marks for these subjects include: Geography - 96 - top 5 in state Advanced English - 95 Economics - 94 I can also provide general assistance with Maths Extension 1 & 2, as well as...
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    How accurate are ATAR calculators?

    Matrix: 99.05 HSC notes: 99.35 Talent100: 99.1 Real ATAR: 99.05, so matrix was spot on.
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    Estimated ATAR v Real ATAR

    School estimate: 96 Actual ATAR: 99.05
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    Share your ATAR here

    99.05. Getting over 99 was my aim from day 1, and I'm so happy I managed to scrape it. Stoked I could also pull off a SR in the process. Shame I can't get into law but I guess I can transfer.
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    Top Achievers in Course List

    Snagged a geo state rank (lol) I'd like to thank my friends, family and crayons.
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    Selling preliminary and HSC textbooks

    Hey guys, I've got heaps of prelim and HSC textbooks up on eBay at the moment which are quite cheap. Includes economics, physics, chemistry, maths and geography textbooks and workbooks. For BOS members, I'm...
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    General Thoughts: Geography

    Well, I thought I'd predicted the essays. I got all of them wrong. Still a good exam though, the short answers were fantastic.
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    General Thoughts: Physics

    iirc it was a bit like this, but a straight horizontal line from t=10