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  1. HeyJes

    How to become a pass leader?

    Like hoseyy said, check out the website and it should give you some insights. You can also express your thoughts to the lecturer in charge and ask for their opinion. I became a pass leader because I ask a lot of questions after each lecture and my lecturer actually came up to me and appoint me...
  2. HeyJes

    Difference between Business or Commerce?

    The difference is that by doing commerce and arts, you have two actual degrees. Business itself isn’t really a degree, it is designed to give you some exposure to the commerce courses, so you don’t even have a commerce major when u graduate. It is suitable for some people who want to work in the...
  3. HeyJes

    Is econ1101 hard?

    Yes indeed. I find this course to be intuitive to our thinking in life too. It’s all about how you make a decision. You do learn heaps of fundamental economic concepts that are applicable to real life eg sunk cost, marginal utility, public good, monopoly, supply and demand ... so yeah by all...
  4. HeyJes

    Questions regarding change of degree

    You transcript will show 2 degrees' separate WAM at the end.
  5. HeyJes

    how hard is it to achieve a 75 wam in these subjects?

    When I was studying 1A back then I had always thought it was hard. Later that I look at it when I studied 2A/3A, it seemed not that hard after all.
  6. HeyJes

    Sorry mate I don't think a WAM below 80 is competitive enough for IPT to Law.

    Sorry mate I don't think a WAM below 80 is competitive enough for IPT to Law.
  7. HeyJes

    how hard is it to achieve a 75 wam in these subjects?

    It's really different for everyone :o Some people find them easy n some people find them hard. :Shrug:
  8. HeyJes

    Should I do Actuarial Studies again?

    Only do it if you like it or intend to take actuary as your career.
  9. HeyJes


    Google 'UNSW Apple' and click on the first link :) it should display another link that directs you to the UNSW education Apple Store If you can't find it, use this:
  10. HeyJes

    Can I take general education in the first year?

    You can take it whenever you want as long as you have 12 UOC upon graduation .
  11. HeyJes


    I only know UNSW students get greater discounts on Apple laptops than USYD students (like ~$100 cheaper ) lol
  12. HeyJes

    Alright to skip first week?

    Not sure if it's just me or, at least I always feel like the course is missing sth if I skip the first week. Some courses require students to do some sort of in-class tests (maybe worth ~3% of your course mark) during the first week (yes I'm being serious and this applies to some crazy...
  13. HeyJes

    When to do Honours

    I know for commerce you can apply a few years later (some people might wanna work for a while)
  14. HeyJes

    How Asian is UNSW?

    Pretty much what people already said. I would say >90% of accounting students are Asian lol
  15. HeyJes

    Having trouble with subjects

    Totally doable.
  16. HeyJes

    How difficult is it to get a distinction average in com/arts?

    I did Commerce and Media. My WAM was 80. I got into Dean's list in my first year. So apart from eating, sleeping, teaching and Friday night, I basically studied all the time to get this grade. Yeh I'll have to admit it's a bit inefficient but I don't care as long as I have good grade :)
  17. HeyJes

    Tutoring in 1st year undergrad

    I think it's pretty normal! The price will vary! In first year, I had a postgrad student teaching me finance at $50/h (back in 2013). My lecturer was kind enough to help me email the finance students in higher years and that's how they contacted me. I then chose my favourite one from like 5...
  18. HeyJes

    "Business School Electives" clarification? Also suggestions!

    You also have flexicore. Do the relevant flexicore towards your desired minor .
  19. HeyJes

    "Business School Electives" clarification? Also suggestions!

    Business school electives mean any course offered by the school of business. You can use these to finish a minor for sure.
  20. HeyJes

    GEN ED Enrolment help!!!!

    You can also quickly consult the school of psychology to clarify :)