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    Multiple Choice Answers

    a (wot was i thinking :\) a b c a c d d c a
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    What are all your MC answers?

    q20 i think is C and not D its not D because the performer showed initial improvment which slowed and then plateaued
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    Your attitdes toward geography

    same i luv geography i prob shuld go into it as a career path but ehyyy id rather physical geography over human down anyday but top subject me = band 5 maybe band 6 thanks to many brilliant assignments including urban dynamics one that got me a cool 100%
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    err wot are the percentiles guess round 4-5
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    pe isnt english bos u wangs
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    All Done

    yeh i got in there flicking through the exam 15 marks im going wat the fuck that was bullshit rest of the exam was piss easy cept for those crappy 15markers. id rather the old 4,6 and 10 mark questions then 5 and 15 mark questions was bs few of the MC was bit suss too.
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    What are all your MC answers?

    yeh i think u prob got about 15 too my answers: 1-B 2-D 3-A 4-D (its definetly D and definetly not b as u said - soz) 5-A 6-D (didnt know this one and guessed it) 7-B (definetly B and it def aint A) 8-B (i think this is wrong, well its probably wrong) 9-D 10-C (think its wrong to i...
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    would u do the subject again?

    yeh i enjoyed the couse i think it was good and lotts better then the prelim course the overlap between factors aff' performance and improving performance was great :)
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    open the MAIL!!!

    i reckon i could do that quite easily.>>not look @ marks\uai mainly due to the fact ive been over school for a long time and not living up the brother's\(federal senator) father'sxpectations guess ill just hafta get it on the net aye
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    boring sods.......;)
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    ok so do u think ill get a uai of 100?
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    i can see hoards of ppl flooding in with there wot uai will i get laz i do these subjects ~get out while u still can.
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    How do you apply lip-liner?

    just dont wear make-up
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    World Cities Essay Question

    no probs gramps :argue:
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    World Cities Essay Question

    world cities = centres of cultural and economic authority among other things ~~yes that do have major political influence
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    Question 25

    so where does losing marks come into it?:confused:
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    Yes Or No

    so inorder to get full marks u must get the question wrong?
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    harder than trial?

    my thoughts exactly
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    We all get scaled up 5 >> bali

    looks like i'll be getting a uai of 105 then
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    Multiple Choice Answers!!!!!!!

    sure u didnt miss-hear any others?:chainsaw: