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    Last Question of Section 1

    For the mars question, did anyone calculate gravitational acceleration on mars, and use this to find max velocity and hence maximum kinetic energy? Is this a correct method? I recall getting about 7.5J Also for part b, did people talk about Lenz's law, and the break in the circuit which would...
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    State Rank Raw Marks

    I know I will be nowhere near state rank but wondering what kind of raw marks would be needed in that exam to state rank? Guessing top will be close to full marks (98 or 99)? Would around 95 or 96 be needed raw for state rank?
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    Raw Marks and Band Cut Offs

    Band E3 and E4 cut off marks?? How do you guys think this compares to other years papers? Harder than 2015 and easier than 2014? What would around a 67 raw mark be? And sidenote: For limiting sum 15c) iii) Is 1/(n+1) an acceptable answer, or do you need to evaluate as n approaches...