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    Music 2 - General thoughts

    Does anybody have the correct answer for the melodic dictation?
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    Latin Continuers

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    German Extension

    Hi, Does anybody here do German Extension? If so, how do you approach preparing for the Monologues?
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    Lat. Cont. and Lat. Ext.: HSC 2007

    What are these yellow and blue books?
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    Lat. Cont. and Lat. Ext.: HSC 2007

    Hello, Latin cont. student here - this thread is suprisingly active. Just wondering what the general vibe is on the syllabus vocab - are you attempting to know it all by the exam or have you given up? Where do you go for context info? Have fun studying!
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    German Extension

    hallo alle wer hier macht german extension? wollt ihr ein bisschen ueber die themen auf deutsch schreiben? wie findet ihr die kurzgeschichten?
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    German Pop

    I find a good way to do nothing while calling it studying is to listen to German Pop. While a lot of it is bad (Tokio Hotel, anyone?) I love singing along to all of it, mainly because it makes me feel smarter than singing along to English Pop. So, these are the artists I have: Annett Louisan...
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    To All You Latin People:

    Resistere irritum est. Praeparate vos ad translationem in modum subunctivum.
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    Oxford, Cambridge, Open High Books..

    Ecce Romani I'm thinking about doing latin next year, i'm doing ecce romani and we'r eup to like chapter 34 - is that standard ok or will it be too hard?