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    Anyone heard anything re onstage?

    Hey does anyone know anywhere where we can see who is in on stage, i am assuming i personally didnt make it because i havent been told anything of it, but u would think board of studies would put a list somewhere for drama studnets to look at!
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    Video Drama Ideas---- please Post

    Hey i am a video junkie myself. For my video drama i am did a black and white 1920s style silent film, called The Great Shoe Robbery. It is about a guy Eddie who is a shoe thef and falls in love in with an under cover cop who is trying to track him down because he stole another cops shoes. And...
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    Onstage Nominations

    To be nominated for onstage just to answer some questions u have to get 30 or if ur performance or project is something completely different and fresh they put it on to encourage other students to explore different avenues because they get sick of seeing the same things and dont want to put they...
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    thanks for that, that was my thoughts but was jsut checking cause u know dont want to lose marks on something simple like that. if anyone else has info please do share!!!! thanks:)
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    Hey people for anyone who has done there hsc or has inside links to the board of studies marks for Gwen Harwood poetry could someone inform me on the proper way to answer this essay in the hsc when then question says: a) refer to a particular poem b)refer to three poems (or more which i highly...