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    Any point aiming for ATAR you don't need?

    I can't comprehend why you wouldn't give it your all. Give it your best shot, and this time next year you can be satisfied knowing that you got the best results that you possibly could. It's one year of your life, may as well try your best.
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    Please Share Advice for 2015ers

    Yep this is literally one of my main study tips. I did this very consistently in the last term of school and was able to raise my results by 5+ marks in most of my subjects. Seriously, do it. Time yourself as well in writing essays or doing other sections of an exam. It trains you to manage...
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    School Rankings 2014

    My school went from like 450 last year to 300 this year. Onya guys
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    Share your ATAR here

    88.65 Damn I wanted that 90!
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    Give us one last sneaky ATAR estimate

    Got my results today and am insanely surprised. School rank: 405 Modern History: 87 General Maths 2: 85 Drama: 91 Art: 86 Advanced English: 85 Society & Culture: 89 Praying to Jesus that I crack 90.
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    On Campus Accommodation at USYD

    Does anyone know when the offers come out for on campus accommodation?
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    Hook us up with an ATAR estimate

    School rank: 503 English Advanced: 2/11 General Maths: 4/11 Society & Culture: 1/7 Drama: 2/4 Visual Art: 1/6 Modern History: 2/4
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    PIP Topics?

    Not too bad actually, which is surprising because my study was pretty limited. Just hoping the 9 marker didn't screw me.
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    PIP Topics?

    I did the psychology of the game of Survivor and how the values and concerns of contemporary American society manifests itself within the game. I interviewed like 5 past contestants too to get their perspective.
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    When do I find out if I've been selected for OnStage?

    I'm actually so keen to find out whether or not my Group got selected to perform. Does anyone know the date when the selections come out?
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    Multiple Choice Answers.

    Anyone got 'em?
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    Where can I get the answers to the exam?

    Is there anywhere I can find the answers to the exam online, for both section I and II?
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    Study Schedule for 99+ atar

    6 hours of sleep? What the fuck? You need to sleep for at least 8 - don't burn yourself out, nothing good will come of it. You'll find yourself exhausted and unable to concentrate, and that'll hurt you more than having a few less study hours because you're sleeping.
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    I have a feeling this is going to sound ridiculous, but...

    Ok, thanks guys. Sounds like I'll either have to do a bridging course or learn the content by myself if I want to do comp sci.
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    I have a feeling this is going to sound ridiculous, but...

    Thanks, I have a feeling that I wouldn't be able to handle the maths and would probably struggle.
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    I have a feeling this is going to sound ridiculous, but...

    Like the university and the campus.
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    I have a feeling this is going to sound ridiculous, but...

    I'm looking into my options for university next year and I'm really drawn to a Bachelor of Computer Science & Technology at USyd because the programming aspects really interest me and I love working with computers. However, Extension 1 Maths is assumed knowledge for the degree, and I only do...
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    Drama raw mark for a Band 6?

    Bloody hell.
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    Drama raw mark for a Band 6?

    Any clue on what it will be?