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    HSC 2003 CAINERS!! What is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT tip u cud give for hsc 04?

    +1 I did no Extension subjects, Adv English, Geog, Anc + Mod History and Legal, all subjects which arent known for their massive scaling. I still got 99.1. Do subject you like, and it often helps to have 12 units just in case.
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    So who else got into the paper?

    lol I got 90+ in ten units too, maybe I should've phrased that better ;) what school?
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    So who else got into the paper?

    or was one of the people who go 90+ in at least 10 units?
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    2003 HSC Mathematics Results

    88 - the 2 units that didnt count towards my UAI
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    Advanced English 2003 HSC Marks

    anyone else get gipped by their teacher? I may be going over the top, but we had a new teacher who really had problems teaching me (i.e. I wasnt a suck-up) Assessment: 87 (worse than Maths which I suck ass at) Exam: 94 HSC: 91 not too bad (more than I expected) but still fucked in the head
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    Golden Oldies of '03

    94 :) which Im pretty happy with
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    what's my school ranked?

    My school is 106 :)
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    Highest UAI at your school

    Macarthur Anglican School - 99.1
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    6 essays in one day :/

    Well for Legal Studies I had 35 pages Geography was about 25 I think 60 pages is somewhat large for one day?
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    6 essays in one day :/

    I had them both too, sucked ass
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    Does anyone do both Consumers and Family?

    I loved Family over Workplace anyday. I enjoyed Family more than Crime!
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    Whos Smarter? Private or Public School in Legal?

    Connie is, lets face it, an eternal realist. Not that I share her view, but she holds her opinions and far be it from me to shake anyone of their views unless they can be seen as harmfully stupid. I don't see how this can make anything but a personal judgement of COnnie, and as such is...
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    Does anyone do both Consumers and Family?

    I just looked at the workload and thickness of the Excel sections of each focus.... and thought how hella hard it must be to do both. I thought Workplace and Family was hard enough!
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    Does anyone do both Consumers and Family?

    If so, I feel v. sorry for you.
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    family law ppl pls!!!!help!!

    lol I go to Macarthur Anglican and ranked 1st in Legal. But my Legal teacher doesn't like me ;)
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    family law ppl pls!!!!help!!

    I did: ATSI Customary Law Marriages and Same Sex Couples (as one paragraph, ended up being about 2 pages) Violent Children Parental Provision Domestic Violence Dissolution of Marriage I used about.... 3 media articles if I can recall? and I had a report for each issue.
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    Did everyone else get 4-page booklets?

    lol same. I take up like a whole page on 4 lines of working :D
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    Whos Smarter? Private or Public School in Legal?

    I'm sorry? I have a conscience and I'm bloody Vice-Captain of a Private School. Perhaps you are generalising somewhat? If a public school kid tries hard, or if they are intelligent, then they will assuredly get the marks they deserve. But the atmosphere of a public school is nowhere near as...
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    adios :)

    onya Golani, good luck in business!