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    Uni's often offer RSA courses (check the student services or union activies). Usually a one day course, for about $70.
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    minimum wages

    minimum wage all depends on what industry you're in and what your role is.
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    OFFICIAL Easter Show Thread

    They still have ads for it at or (can't remember which one I saw it at) Only thing is that you have to be able to work the full 2 weeks of the Easter Show, which might be a bit hard with school/uni unless you have time off.
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    travel expenses....

    Get a travelpass. You can get a pink one (like you already found out) either for a week, month, quarter or full year. Gets cheaper the longer the time period, obviously. You can use them on all state transit trains and SOME ferry journeys. You should probably get a brochure thingo from the...
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    best elective!

    shipwrecks coz it's the easiest and probably most interesting
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    Signing up for Clubs and Societies.

    It's the number of ppl they have or expect to be in the club.
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    Best Chemistry Question Textbook

    Conquering chem (the newish edition) is easy to understand and doesn't overload you with too much info. Seriously, I think you're going overboard buying textbooks. You're going to have so many textbooks and not enough time to read them all, and it's just going to be a waste of money. I only...
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    Job Vacancy Thread!!

    There are a HEAP of jobs available around Bondi. Saw heaps of ads in shop windows, as well as at all the fast food places, and seen heaps of ads on the net too.
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    Best Chemistry Question Textbook

    My chem tutor told me last year that they bring out a new edition each year and it's got a few more questions in it than last year. If you look through each topic (it's set out by topics) you'll find that there are often 2 or 3 questions which are worded slightly differently but are actually...
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    Best Chemistry Question Textbook

    Success One is a book full of questions. But really, it's not a very good book. Alot of the questions are repeated several times (because they add new questions each time the book is reprinted, but sometimes they are the same as other years...) and also several of the answers were wrong. I...
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    .. . . . .next question...

    Definately DO NOT refer to Australia as we or our. You should be writing formally, and in 3rd person.
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    How To Approach This Subj.

    I used Dixon's book coz that's what we were told to buy. But I thought it was good, easy to understand, with lots of examples. Our teacher photocopied some sections of Riley's too. Generally, it's alot more detailed, but you don't always need that much detail anyway. Yes, you do need to know...
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    What textbooks are good?

    Cambridge is good. It has very thorough explanations, and the questions are graded. ie. starts off with normal questions, then has 'development' and 'extension' i think? or something like that - basically it has questions split into 3 groups starting from easy to hard.
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    mystery shopper.....

    I've seen a few ads for mystery shoppers, but usually they have specifications for what type of person they're looking for. Usually you have to be in a certain age group (depending on where they want you to shop), so I don't think there are many opportunities for teens.
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    what made u choose your course?

    process of elimination! managed to eliminate EVERYTHING except a few, and then just chose out of that!
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    Question for past HSCers

    I did it in normal order, just from multiple choice to the option. I really don't think that the order you do it in is going to make a difference....
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    Best Chemistry textbook?

    I used Conquering chem and thought it was pretty good. Pathways was too detailed and most of it was irrelevant Excel was so basic there was nothing in it...
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    No Confirmation Letter /worried

    No like I said, the dates for the CUMBERLAND campus say that confirmation letters are sent out in APRIL.
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    No Confirmation Letter /worried

    Stop stressing!! Read the year timetable thingo on the health sciences website. It tells you that confirmation letters are sent out in april. You didn't need a confirmation letter because you didn't need to pick subjects. It was only those who had to choose subject/timetable things that...
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    droping from 2u to general??

    Mathematics (2u) is assumed knowledge for a fair few courses so you should keep that in mind. You rarely see general maths as assumed knowledge..