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    Share your 2017 HSC results here

    English Standard: 82 (B5) Biology: 90 (B6) Chemistry: 87 (B5) Mathematics: 90 (B6) Senior Science: 95 (B6)
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    2017 HSC Mathematics Paper thoughts

    Everything was fairly easy except for question 16.
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    Senior Science Exam Thoughts

    I'm pretty sure it was 6 or 7 for the last question in the options
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    Senior Science Exam Thoughts

    Yeah I thought that question was weird... Medical techniques don't contribute to our understanding. Our understanding contributes to medical techniques. I wrote about thermography for the non-invasive one (using it to measure heat in experiments), and keyhole surgery for the minimally invasive...
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    Senior Science Exam Thoughts

    It didn't seem that bad to me. I finished about an hour early. The trial was WAY worse for me.