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    Past papers

    Does anyone have trial or other past papers with Aeneid II? In 2015 they studied a different book of the Aeneid so I'm having trouble finding practice questions :(
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    describing graph trends??

    I'm doing a chem prac on capillary action but I've forgotten how to describe the trend of the graph and its not in the textbook? like do I say it is inverse/exponential/proportional (and also which is which)??
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    Choosing subjects for year 12

    id drop bio so much content
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    Year 11 Subject Selection

    13 is pretty manageable, its 14 where most people end up dropping down units. are there any other subjects that you are thinking of? I'm doing the ones that you've got listed plus ext 1 maths, chem and latin. I would definitely recommend a language if it is available cause its actually pretty...
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    Choosing subjects for year 12

    Just curious what subjects people are doing next year/in term 4? I'm doing: 3 unit English 3 unit maths 3 unit latin 3 unit history (modern and extension) and im dropping chem yay
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    New school year 12

    Has anyone changed schools in year 12?? I know its super late but I really can't handle the environment/culture at my school and yeah its only another year and a half but it is incredibly competitive and puts heaps of pressure on us to study a lot and my marks seems to have been falling I think...
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    2015 Latin

    hey is anyone doing english extension 2 as well? how does the Latin extension course compare?