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    History Extension AND Economics

    ecos and ext hist. Also have both. Do 12 units and am very temted to give up on ecos. Hist. ext. isn't that hard though.
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    french ext thoughts

    ext french Was really happy that they chose to do Magali. The "attachement" and relationship between Dede and Justin questions were strange. I said Jeannette coped better because she didn't go and get blind drunk.
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    Continuers French

    age I heard "dix ans que j'ai plus que cinquante ans" and ticked the 51-60 box but wrote a note saying that a 64yr old has been older than 50 for 10 years but so has a 60yr old.
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    Continuers French

    I said that I'd read an article in Le Monde and that now that I was in Paris I had no more sleeping problems.
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    can someone tell me how to say

    Ils sont ou mes cullottes? - more colloquial
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    how may pages?

    Squished WW1 in bottom of pages 8 Germany 8 Leni R 9 Vietnam
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    Continuers French

    French What the hell did being in France have to do with the sleeping problems?!! Listneing and reading were quite easy but had trouble thinking of something to write about for the writing task. Started yawning with the sleeping one and the article format for young people staying at home...