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    Gossip Girl

    Who needs to download when you can just .... stream :)
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    Good Food Month 2008

    Don't see many foodies that stand-out on this sub-forum of lifestyle, so I thought I'd try to let the Sydney-readers know what's going on in Sydney in terms of events/festivals/new (and old) places to eat. Starting off with this topic... "Welcome to the...
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    Hungry Jack's Quad Stack

    Quad Stack has got nothing on....Octo Stacker:
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    Favourite tea?

    'Buffet' tea - Peppermint Tea makes me feel less full 'Pick me up' tea - English Breakfast Tea w/ tsp of sugar.
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    Foods that make you go 'eww'...

    Under-cooked Onions.
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    What do they mean by a short CV?

    Concise - nothing too colourful or you are just wasting words.
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    What's your favourite potato chips?

    going to have go with the pack here ... RRD.
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    Best ways to beat the blues?

    Back-to-back seasons of TV Shows on DVD.
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    World of warcraft

    cancelled my subscription and never looked back.
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    What is your all time favourite book?

    Wilbur Smith - Monsoon and if the question were to be phrased: Who is your all time favourite author? Wilbur Smith.
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    What album(s) did you listen to today?

    Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want
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    What have you eaten today?

    Had dinner at Musashi in the Sydney CBD: Yakiniku Lamb - Her Katsudon - Him Deep-fried Tasmanian Oysters and BBQ Beef Tongue to share. pictures & review at:
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    The Dark Knight

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    The Forbidden Kingdom

    fight scenes good few moments where a plot could be seen but wasn't developed to a level which you could call 'entertainment'
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    Where to find vintage stores in Sydney!!

    there's like one or two and I think their run by koreans - it's opposite St James, closer towards the Town Hall end.
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    Need help with question 8 for 2003 Economics HSC paper (question inside)

    What is the equilibrium level of income if C = 100 + 0.8Y and I=40? a) 100 b) 140 c) 500 d) 700 rather than just stating the correct response, an explaination would be a help :D
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    How should u you start an essay???

    Overt Anwer then Defo's is the way to go.
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    how would I answer this question? :|

    Explain how movements in Australia's terms of trade has impacted on the Current Account within recent years. I've tried searching on google/RBA .. getting some articles which date back to 1995 as the earliest with like words which you need a dictionary for every line :/
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    Need a lil' help with an essay...

    you..are..a..lifesaver 0_o
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    Little help with Logs/Integration Please 0_o

    Q. Find the area between y = e^x and the x-axis for log 1/2 < x < log4 \ \ yeh .. i'm a newb :(~