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    Easy trig i cant do

    ok so just 1/t?
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    Easy trig i cant do

    Using the t results how would you solve cot @/2 Please show working
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    P&o Pacific Sun Schoolies Cruise 2004

    hahha u didnt need 2 post it but da blonde one
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    P&o Pacific Sun Schoolies Cruise 2004

    Tusitula im in one of ur fotos from the superhere night with my friend in our underwear haha dunno who is in the foto with us....haha its like foto 139 or funny
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    in yet anyone? earlybirds?

    some1 tel me wat pin
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    in yet anyone? earlybirds?

    I wonder if the sms will come at exactly 6am... this mite b a dum question but which pin do u use to get them on da net coz i seem to memba havin two pins
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    Multiple choice answers

    Hey can someone put up there multiple choice answers or anyone who has the right answers thanks
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    Multiple Choice

    has any1 got real mc answers or even checked wif a teacher really wanna no thanks
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    Freshwater Fishhhh

    how its excretory system being its kidney would be apapted to a freshwater envro...if salinty changed its fucntion would have to change ie drink more water and excrete small amounts of concentrated urine as opposed to its old way of not drinking as much water and excreting large amounts of...
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    multiple choice...opinions please!!

    my got all yours are right checked them thru wif bio teacher
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    Relationships-whats the deal for schoolies?

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    Relationships-whats the deal for schoolies?

    Just wondering whats everyones plans our thoughts on goin to schoolies without your bf/gf and what u wood see as being fair for you to do??and your bf gf still accept you back afterwards knowing it meant nothing??
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    Q4.c integration question

    you get 4sec^2x
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    The 2004 HSC - Mathematics Paper

    It is 2 because that wil be a max stat pt in velocity and a max stat pt in velocity means it is a max distance in displacement rite?
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    Heart of Darkness and Thelma and Louise - Notes Trade

    Heart of Darkness Hey There I Also did heart of darkness...i have good notes on it but was wondering if you would want to swap...also have a king lear essay coming up on themes and their portrayal in different productions...i was wondering if u wood consider helping me out on this aswell...