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    I had Intro to Sociology 1 today - not bad. Psych 1A tomorrow.
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    UWS the 5th best uni in Sydney?

    Suprisingly, UWS occupies the most land than any other University in Australia. Another interesting fact: Psychology at UWS is the largest psychology faculty in NSW, and the second largest in Australia. We are the only Australian University that is listed in top ten best Psychology...
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    UWS the 5th best uni in Sydney?

    Australian Catholic University
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    Re: Re: Marriage You can't apply the Golden Rule here, its crystal clear what the court means and there is Hyde v Hyde and Woodmansee to back it up. If you want litigation, wait till I complete Family Law first, that way no more precedents. lol
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    Lawyers, Barristers....

    In order to go through the LPAB, you need to complete PLT, this is a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice. I would say Law Week is a company run by a board from the New South Wales Attorney General's Department and other authorities. The site that I have is...
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    Why do some states Codify laws?

    It is in essence taking a more Civil Law approach as seen in Europe.
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    Criminal Justice Issue!

    I sorta agree with Ziff. In Crime and Criminal Justcie class, we looked at the media and their influence. Here is an extract from my report on the media on the Bilal Skaf case. ---- In addition, the featuring of ethnic minorities was inundated with the issue of terrorism, especially on the...
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    Criminal Justice Issue!

    One of the many aspects of corporal punishment. There are different applications.
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    Criminal Justice Issue!

    Very interesting one. The term 'rape' no longer exists, it was used as a common law definition of assualt motivated by sexual intent. When we introduce 'gang rape', we open a new definition. The issue of Skaf is highly contriversial one at this stage. The Appeal de novo if passed by the...
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    Ma Spoooooooon Is Too Big

    I will run in opossition, perhaps I'd better say alternative.
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    UWS MSN contacts
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    Criminal Justice Issue...

    The adversarial system does have some pros and cons, in regard to this, one could mention how many cornerstones of our legal system are doctrines.
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    Criminal Justice Issue!

    Cybercrime is a good one. It is very difficult to enforce.
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    Criminal Justice Issue...

    Criminal Justice also refers to enforcement of crime and the outcome. Issues here are how we treat victims of crime differently from criminals, whilst this is not the case generally. Often a victimised child may grow up to commit offences themselves. Another issue is sexual assualt. We...
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    2003 Exam, Question 8 - Finally resolved!

    I agree. This question is quite annoying to the extent where answers are based on a punt, rather than knowledge.
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    illegally parked vehicle lol

    Keep it up and they may offer you a Butter Menthol.
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    illegally parked vehicle lol

    Re: Re: Re: illegally parked vehicle lol It is tops, my father seems to enjoy it, plus riding on motorcycles.
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    Uni in sex-for-grades allegations

    Dingo does have some sense, only that it is a bit direct. It can be said that by allowing alliances to form, we encourage a society with no integration and a society held together by conflict theory (making the Marxists happy). I personally would like to see integration as a means of social...
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    This topic is becomming a bit vile, interesting, but vile.
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    Inexperienced lecturers

    My Lecturers are great. For Psych I have had John Haw and Glenn Newbry which have been informative. For Crim its was Denise Weelands and Dr Murray Lee whom have put forward a straight forward lecture and Dr Robert O'Neill is a really entertaining lecturer for Sociology. I have no problems with...