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    Atar estimate!

    Oh thank god! That takes a bit of the stress off!!
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    Atar estimate!

    I looked it up and apparently is 491 :/
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    Atar estimate!

    What's a school rank? Like where my school is ranked in comparison to other schools???
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    Atar estimate!

    I just tried to do my own ATAR estimate and I think I did it wrong... I need an 80 ATAR for guaranteed entry into the degree I want to do at university. I have no idea what my school rank is??? My class ranks are: Advanced English: 4/19 General Maths: 1/57 Visual Arts: 1/6 Legal...
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    Art of Travel

    Does anyone have any good notes on de Botton's Art of Travel? Or any notes at all? I can find LITERALLY NOTHING online and I am finding it so hard to study this text with nothing to refer to. Thank you to anyone who responds :-)
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    Literary Techniques in Claudius' Soliloquy? (HAMLET)

    Hi everyone :-) I'm just writing an essay for Hamlet and I just can't figure out what technique/ literary device has been utilised in Claudius' quote "Of those effects for which I did the murder,/ My crown, mine own ambition, and my queen." Any ideas? Thanks heaps!
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    Denise Levertov

    Does anyone know where i can find critical information on denise levertov for an essay? Please!