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    lol yea rightio evil nut so who's got a real opinion to share?
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    Top 5 RnB of all times

    hahahaha u thought wrong!
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    wat do u know about bball evil nut??? i mean kingz fan??? u go for them for the big names?? or out of sympathy??
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    Does anyone know a uni where you can do a librarian course?

    lol are u sure?? i'm currently a 13" and i was thinkin of an extension to gain some normality;)
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    When's O-week?

    anyone know the o-week link for cumberland campus???
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    Funniest uni degree uve seen?

    undergrad med is a NC this year
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    Funniest uni degree uve seen?

    wtf wat u get into huh? hatty??
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    rejecting uni offers

    u just leave it , and after a certain date the offer will lapse but its safe to accept your first offer regardless of wat it is ....coz atleast ur still going to uni if u dont get a late round offer
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    hi i'm enrolling tomoz at cumberland campus for B app science(speech path) wonder wat u guys are going for!!
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    Who's Paying Uni All By Their Lil Sexy Selves?... Oh & Those Who Arent Can Come Too..

    bummer thnx neway natstar still gunning for that fee course in late round *fingers crossed
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    Who's Paying Uni All By Their Lil Sexy Selves?... Oh & Those Who Arent Can Come Too..

    hmm can we defer our method of payment.... eg if i was initially enrolld as a FEE paying student... will i have to meet a certain criterea in order change it back to the HECS scheme??
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    What TO Read

    are dan brown's books in any order?? like do they run off the end of each other and continue??? btw da vinci code.....great read any body heard of matthew reilly... apparently he's style is similar to brown's but tonnes beta.... so if any one has recomedations plz state:) thx
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    da vinci code

    who is matthew reilly? any suggestion as to which is a good book to get?? i loved da vinci code it was soo amazing the secrets and twists! and yer....if reilly 'owns' brown that plz recomend something:)
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    ppl who post notes afta that exam

    just want to say thank you to ppl who post notes for exams AFTA the bloody things very helpful;)
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    Effedctiveness Of Family Law

    k thnx man appreciate it
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    Effedctiveness Of Family Law

    does anyone have notes or essays on the effectiveness as stipulated in the sllyabus???!?!?!?
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    Conflict In Pacific Notes!!!!

    does anyone have syllasbus notes for this elective??!?!?!?!
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    CSSA results

    well done cxjb well i didnt do too badly luckily my teacher changed my mark so i moved up a rank plus assessment mark was waaaay beta my teacher is a hairy ape, but he thinks he's cool coz he has a lexus.... but cmon doesnt have one of those? =/ but i have to...
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    one more uai prediction please

    lol u'll get mid 60's to 70 for sure dw jsut do your best m8 no use worrying at this stage of the year if you dont know your stuf now, u'll neva know =)
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    Property economics!!!

    eheyz the downpoints of such a course is that the majority of people that work within the properrty industry graduate from TAFE, as it is much fast (not like the 4 years at UTS) and employment is much easier to TAFE GRads are paid less....hence a more attractive perosn for...