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    Do i need a girlfriend?

    maybe not but no one except u can answer tis question
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    I'm untalkative

    hi. i used to be in your predicament. cant say that i got over it and all of my friends except one is asian (but they speak english to me none of them speak or understand malay)..but as a starting point, just speak slowly and clearly so that other people can understand you. dont worry too much...
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    ITT post common traits of your lovers/ex lovers/crushes

    my crush a bit of a nerd and a dork and so smart wog his last name is italian so i think he is at least european hot(to me)\ longest eyelashes used to wear glasses( i cant spell it) not tall but taller than me(jz wait till he's older) fair skinned dark haired curly hair plays the piano and...
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    Your expectations

    when i was younger like in primary school b4 grade 6 and UPSR..i didnt hv much of a plan or an idea but after grade 4 (well really in nov 1999) i sort of had amn idea want to get into med and now my idea expanded to include biomedicine or medicinal science or science..but let just say tat an...
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    Single.. Who has never had a Girlfriend/boyfriend?

    wow..the person who first post tis just made my day THANK YOU GUY(i dont know ur name) have never been kissed, never had a forbiden to be in a physical relationship until im 21:)but doesnt matter i think it can till VCE is over..
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    Need Girls Adivce Please!

    just ask her out..u know her she knows big deal...if u get rejected, u get rejected and who knows maybe a hotter girl...
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    How to attract a girl: The Essential Guide

    u must be bored shitless to post truth, no facts, no bearing to reality... maybe im an alien to not find the guys in ur post remotely attractive... are u one of the guys u write abt?
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    Matthew Reilly books

    i LOVE his books especially the shoeman something guy series, it was a suprise tat rielly let grant died, i really like her...the new series wit tat archelogy guy is good but i hope he goes back wit hover craft racer or the guy frm 'Temple'..
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    Identity - Area of Study - Related Texts?

    in my school, the context is identity and belonging and the text related to this stupid area of study is 'catcher in the rye'by JD Salinger and Bombshells. i forgot who wrote bombshells but its a play or something like that
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    Medicine + UMAT

    well im intersted in doing med but im not enrol in any of the umat prep woes....besides i thought that none of these umat-prep courses are accrediated even though they say they say they are accrediated, os i dont know who to gonna try asking my career advisor if this...
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    Need degree advise BIG TIME...

    do the degree cos it would lead to much more oppturnities and a higher pay check...both the careers that u mention are more or less similar in terms of job prospects. don't just g to whioch ever careers that has a shortage..maybe choose careers that best complemnts you. if u r more finacial...
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    Indonesian Continuers

    it was actually VERY EASY i finished about 10 minutes before the time was up....some parts i was a bit unsure off. i probarbly stuffed up when it comes to spelling...can't quite get use to spelling in indo and not malay teh oral exam was tough...i actually said a couple of words in...