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    Band 6 probability?

    Based on the way ATAR works i would say that with an internal mark of 90% and a HSC exam mark of 83% or above you are sure to get a band six. As opposed to the previous UAI system which foucised more on the exam mark, ATAR has a heavier correlation to your internal mark. Congratulations mate...
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    Which textbook is the best?

    Hi, personally i prefered the creative business one. I found that the format was a lot more systematic and easily absorbale as opposed to Excel. I tend to write up my own notes so working from creative business suited my needs a lot better than Excel. By the way if your interested in precise...
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    English Standard

    Dont bother, like the guys above mentioned it only constitutes to 3 marks at best. Good luck. By the way if anyone is looking for syllabus supported English (standard) notes send me a PM.