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    Any jobs that pay ~$15/hr ?

    servo console operator?? - unless you work in a dodgy area. 14.46 weekdays - 18.79 weekends n pub hols. very cruisy job, especially at night
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    Extended Responses

    i was hoping for management for ecosystems and was in half yearlys megacities was in my trial and eco activity was an assessment task... i was cheering except i couldnt decided between mega n eco act
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    General Thoughts: Geography

    maybe if you got the value correct probs not, but if you get some bastard marker, but i doubt since twas only one mark
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    General Thoughts: Geography

    Because, geo gradients dont have a relative fixture to percieve postive or negative points unlike maths /=+ and (backslash)=neg. Also geo points dnt fixed A and B points that give negative/postive answers.
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    General Thoughts: Geography

    Also predictions/estimations for band 5 cut offs?
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    General Thoughts: Geography

    +1 yep no negatives for gradient... i also got 100 for VE
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    General Thoughts: Engineering Studies

    dude... geography is just common sense.
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    General Thoughts: Engineering Studies

    so fucking hard... compared to maths yesterday fuaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk goodbye 85 atar - i now understand why my year advisor says do 12 units
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    B5/B6 Cut off

    +1 Was pretty straightforward till Q16. - A) was just a geometry (bit harder than normal) - B) was just fiddling with identities etc - C) i was like WTFFF!
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    What are hoping to get for english raw?

    does anyone know the band 5 cut off for standard...
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    Who else is shitting bricks?

    if only i could go back 3 weeks
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    :) ATAR estimate :)

    Hi guys; I am applying for a few scholarships and they ask for an atar estimate. My year advisor, said "i didnt write anything there, as we do not know yet". so i was wondering what atar i could potentially get? School rank aprrox 350. English Standard 4/30 83% Mathematics...
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    2012 HSC Geography Exam Predictions Thread

    hoping evaluate trad n cont management for ecosystems essay. havn't seen it for a while.
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    can i get forced to drop a subject?

    +1 just keep the 13 units temporary, and if your marks dnt improve then drop it. I was in your boat last year for physics, i did absolutely zero work in prelim and got 39% for yearlys, and now im equal first overall (85%) at the end of hsc course
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    Hsc timetable

    dude, i defs prefer that especially when they are similar content. then maths would be out of the way in one day.
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    Trial Results and Papers

    Yes! it will be fine, thanks heaps
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    Trial Results and Papers

    could you upload your physics trial?
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    Yr12 Engineering Studies help.

    i was just wondering the same thing! i have the most dodgiest teacher who literally just prints huge slabs of the TAFE versions stuff
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    Is it better to apply for a uni course earlier or later?

    dnt think it matters as long as you have SOMETHING in there, otherwise you have to pay some massive late fees - according to my dodgy year advisor. but you can change after that deadline
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    Dr Pepper's "I had good ranks and screwed them with trials" Club

    This is exactly me!! Whilst i nailed Adv maths, physics n engineering; i failed epically standard and geography (was first n third respectively), Paper two was a killer; i would be lucky to scrape thru 60% and geo i normally smash the skills m/c i got 12/20, section 2 got some respectibility...